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Reasons Why Some People Are Still Poor

10 Main Reasons Why Some People Are Still Poor

Source: POOR

10 Main Reasons Why Some People Are Still Poor , Poverty is not a financial state but a mindset, so what many people need to do is to change their mindset.

Reasons Why Some People Are Still Poor
Reasons Why Some People Are Still Poor

In this article, we are going to be looking at 10 reasons why some people are still poor.

1. Lack of self-motivation

To work harder, a person needs to be self-motivated. Without motivation, you will not have the zeal to work. That is why you need to ask yourself. What motivates me to work, what do I love about work and how can I find the motivation to do it?. When you no longer feel self-motivated, you can find a source of motivation.

2. Lack of support system

You can not do it alone, don’t ever think that you don’t need the help of others to become successful in life. Your support system will help you look at the brighter side of things when you are about to give up.


3. Not setting goals in life

When you don’t set goals and make plans for yourself, there is no way you can get out of your financial situation without a plan or goal.

4. You love comfort zone

To be successful in life you need to get out of your comfort zone.

5. Lack of time management

Some people do not know how to manage their time, which is why they are finding it difficult to get out of their financial situation.

6. Having a lavish lifestyle

When you adopt a lavish lifestyle, there is no way you will develop a saving habit and develop the habit of investing.

7. Playing the blame game

People are who have the poverty mindset always have a way to blame others for their misfortune. When you have a poverty mindset you will never realize your mistakes.

8. Irresponsible

Some people can not handle things responsibly, including their spending habits.

9. Stuck on failure syndrome

When you love your comfort zone so much, you will be stuck in the failure syndrome. It is only a failure that would want to sit in one place doing nothing.

10. Relying on one source of income

One common thinking among people with a poverty mindset is that having a good job that pays well is just enough, which is wrong thinking. You should be determined to grow and get out of your current situation.

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