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A Prayer For Today Joel Osteen

A Prayer For Today Joel Osteen (May 2022)

Source: Joel Osteen

A Prayer For Today Joel Osteen (May 2022) – Although individuals of religion may not like to acknowledge it, most can recall a time when reciting a daily prayer or two was not part of their daily practice. Many people resort to regular prayer when their lives become stressful, challenging, or unhappy.

When life becomes hectic or when everything is going well, it is easy to lose sight of the habit. Having a regular practice of healing via prayer, on the other hand, is a terrific way to stay anchored in your faith on a daily basis and prioritize contemplative time with God. Reading a prayer for today will not only bring you closer to God, but it will also help you reduce daily tension and worry.

A Prayer For Today Joel Osteen
A Prayer For Today Joel Osteen

However, if you haven’t studied Bible verse in a while, deciding where to begin might be difficult. That’s why having some brief go-to Bible scriptures and prayers that may bring wisdom and strength during any season of your life, whether you pray every day, week, month, or scarcely at all, is beneficial. The most essential thing to remember is that no matter how frequently you pray, God is always willing to listen.

Thank you, Lord, for your rich, overflowing grace. Thank you for not making us work for a drop of the magnificent river of grace that pours freely for us today. Thank you for the undeserved blessing you’ve bestowed on my life. Assist me in putting myself in the path of your love and kindness. Help me to maintain the discipline required to meet with you on a regular basis and sip from the water of life. Thank you for your abundant affection. Amen.


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