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Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Wife Speaks – Check This !!!

When I was about to get married I was a single sister that was very crazy and passionate about the things of God. Even when I discovered he was a pastor, that wasn’t a criteria for me to say ‘yes’ to him. I see some single sisters say “I’m engaged to a pastor…” that shouldn’t be a criteria.

You are engaged to a pastor and you see that whenever you are together there is commotion, the Spirit of God is ministering to you that he is the wrong person, but you stubbornly insist that he is the one for you. As a child of God with the Holy Spirit inside you, you have what it takes to discern the will of God in a relationship.


A man that is doing everything to weaken your prayer life is not the will of God for you. A man you will tell that “we have programme in church” and he will say “na only you dey go church?” is not the will of God for you. A man you tell to go see your pastor and make known his intentions to get married to you and he refuses is not the will of God for you.Someone who doesn’t show respect to your biological parents is not the will of God for you.

May God connect you to the right person.
– Rev. Lizzy Johnson Suleman

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