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Bee Smart Lock

How To Get Bee Smart Lock – Finger Print Door Security (Steps)

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How To Get Bee Smart Lock – Finger Print Door Security (Steps) , Are you In Nigeria , Looking for the best Expert to install the Fingerprint Security Door Lock , ” Bee Smart Lock ” , follow the steps below.

Bee Smart Lock
Bee Smart Lock

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Featured Of Bee Smart Lock:


Bee smart Lock features Fingerprint, Password, SmartCard, Mobile App and Backup key.
It can store up to 1000 fingerprints, passwords and cards,

It notifies you who accesses the lock at anytime and anywere.

It is stronger than any security key in the world and made with zinc alloy.

It has a detection system that detects sytentic or dead finger and denies access.

It also has a burglar alert system

This device uses our regular finger battery and lasts at least 12 months before replacing.

It also alerts you 1 month before battery shuts down .

This device comes with pair of backup keys and powerbank slot for emergency power on should in case you are away for more than 12 months .

The mobile app allows you to remotedly grant and deny access to whoever and from where ever in the world. Bee smart lock has amazing features.

To Get This Call Or WhatsApp 0803 899 7473

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