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Bishop David Oyedepo Narrates How A Man Embalmed For 24 Hours Came Back To Life – Read

Source: Bishop David Oyedepo

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Bishop David Oyedepo narrates how a man embalmed for 24 hours came back to life, and how a child who died from kidney disease came back to life with new kidneys

He shared these testimonies during the just concluded Shiloh 2021. According to him, a man who had been dead and embalmed for 24 hours jerked back to life after his brother proclaimed that the “God of Oyedepo” is in the room.
He said immediately after the proclamation, the dead man sneezed and came back to life.

Speaking further, Oyedepo narrated how the 12-year-old sister of one of the students of his school, Covenant University, died from a kidney disease.

He said following her death, the student’s father saw him in a vision telling him to go and get his daughter from the mortuary where her corpse was deposited.

According to him, the father did as he was instructed and recovered her corpse from the mortuary, then laid her on the bed where she used to sleep on before she died.

Miraculously, the dead child came back to life after three days, with a loud shout and with ‘brand new kidneys’.

I decree in the mighty name of Jesus, what is that dead situation in your life, in your family, in your health, in your marriage, I call upon the God of BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO and I declare that life be brought back to every dead situation in your life and family in Jesus mighty name. AMEN🔥
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