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Bundle Africa

Reviews On Bundle Africa – Scam Or Legit + Customer Care

Source: Bundle Africa

Reviews On Bundle Africa – Scam Or Legit + Customer Care – Phone Number , WhatsApp Number and more – Bundle Africa is a cash and cryptocurrency social payments app.

We make it simple and enjoyable to pay with cash as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, BUSD, and BNB. Bundle is secure, quick, entertaining, and free.

Bundle Africa
Bundle Africa

What are the possibilities for Bundle Africa ?

Join in a few minutes

It will only take you a few minutes to join Bundle. We will want your email address, phone number, and BVN (for Nigerians). That’s all!

Transfer money to your contacts for free using Bundle Africa

Connect your phone’s contacts to Bundle to see who you know. You may send and receive cash and cryptocurrency using only the usernames of your pals!

Quickly send and receive cash or cryptocurrency

With a few touches, you may send, request, and receive cash or cryptocurrencies for free. You may pay your friend back for dinner last night, or you can mail them the biscuit money you owe them.

Send cash or cryptocurrencies to contacts who aren’t on Bundle Interested in paying someone who isn’t on Bundle?

Send them money or bitcoin in exchange for their phone number. To receive the cash, they simply need to join Bundle.

You can save BUSD and get up to 5.7 percent returns on Bundle Africa

Take advantage of the advantages of saving money with Bundle Vault. To earn larger returns, save consistently and withdraw at any time, or lock your BUSD for 7 days or more.

Cryptocurrency purchases, sales, and conversions

Buy Bitcoin, Ether, BUSD, BNB, Chainlink, and TRON on Bundle using a debit card, a bank transfer, or another cryptocurrency. You can also sell cryptocurrency and withdraw funds to your bank account. Bundle allows you to purchase and sell Bitcoin or BNB for as little as NGN 500!

Cryptocurrency withdrawal and deposit On Bundle Africa:

Do you want to migrate your bitcoin from Bundle to another wallet? Easy! You can also add cryptocurrency to your Bundle wallet. It is secure.

Earn a commission by referring friends to Bundle Africa:

Share your Bundle referral link and earn a commission for each friend that joins Bundle through your link and trades the requisite minimum amount within 15 days of joining.

Do you need assistance joining or using Bundle? Please send an email to [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

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