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Catholic Prayer Points 2022

Catholic Prayer Points 2022 – (Full List Of Roman For Catholics)

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Catholic Prayer Points 2022 – (Full List Of Roman For Catholics)


  1. Father, by the authority in the Name of Jesus, I release the Consuming fire 🔥 on the Genesis of every witchcraft attacks and activities against my life, finances health, in Jesus Highest Name.

  2. Anyone calling your name at the middle of the night for obituary, in the Name of Jesus let consuming fire visit them in Jesus Highest Name.

Catholic Prayer Points 2022
Catholic Prayer Points 2022
  1. With consuming fire, I discharge and acquit myself from every witchcraft court. I destroy all the case files against me in the witchcraft court, in Jesus Highest Name.

  2. Every power chasing away the right Man/Woman of your life, be paralyzed by Consuming fire 🔥 of the Most High God, in Jesus Highest Name.

  3. O Lord, every evil altar that attacking me to labour in vain, l release Consuming fire 🔥 to throw them into a pit and never get out in Jesus Highest Name.

  4. Any hand that secifiles human blood to any evil altar or to themselves against me “O God” may the anger of God in the Land and anger of God in Heaven espoused them to death with Consuming fire 🔥, in Jesus Highest Name.

  5. All boasting power delegated against you, to make you stay unmarried through life, l decree with Consuming fire be silenced permanently in Jesus Highest Name.

  6. Those who enters covenant of death over my life, I decree by the power in the blood of Jesus, May Consuming fire destroy them completely in Jesus Highest Name

  7. With power from above, I command all the dark work done against my life and Family in secret to exposed and nullified in Jesus Highest Name.

  8. As a Glory Carrier of the unquestionable and faithfully God, you shall enter into an unusual and unimaginable enlargement in all aspects of your engagement in the Name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

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