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Customer Care Abeg App - (Login and Register)

Customer Care Abeg App – (Login and Register)

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Customer Care Abeg App – (Login and Register) – Send and receive money with anyone, donate to an important cause, or tip professionals. Just enter an @abegtag.

Customer Care Abeg App - (Login and Register)


Customer Care Abeg App

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Reviews:  Customer Care Abeg App – (Login and Register)

The app works to a certain extent but there is issues with verifications. The verification codes never come in and when you click on the resend option, it says the new code is no longer valid.

It’s a fake I hate it when I try to out my bank details or bvn it will start loading for like one hour long should I wait for it to load I can’t wait no more so I uninstalled the app, sorry your application isn’t good enough can’t rate your app it’s a scam

The app is not functioning properly how can you send an OTP to your customer and when customer inserted OTP into the app it say OTP is no longer valid, you guys are not well organized, I have complain via Twitter, and email yet no solution I have a feeling that the app developer is not expecting to have a huge database, frankly speaking you guys are struggling to make the app function well, what a shame

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2 thoughts on “Customer Care Abeg App – (Login and Register)”

  1. Yesterday I tried registering but it got to the point of bvn verification before my phone off.
    So today I input my bvn, and I was sent an otp, when I input the otp, it told ne that I can use this bvn that it has an issue.
    I thought maybe it’s the network, I tried it so many times.
    So I uninstalled it, and download it again, I tried another num and gmail but the same bvn.
    Now it’s saying that another person has use my bvn, now.
    So when I tried the fomer details it’s not going 😭😭😭


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