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Customer Care: Credit Bank Loan App - Login and Register (Apk Download)

Customer Care: Credit Bank Loan App – Login and Register (Apk Download)

Source: Credit Bank Loan App

Customer Care: Credit Bank Loan App – Login and Register (Apk Download) – Naira Cash Micro Loan – Credit Bank is a Nigerian personal loan platform. You can choose the loan product that suits you on our platform to solve your short-term funding needs.

Customer Care: Credit Bank Loan App - Login and Register (Apk Download)
Credit Bank Loan App

Our loan information:


“Loan amount: 1,000 to 50,000 naira
Term: The shortest term is 91 days and the longest term is 365 days.
Interest rate: APR: 36%
Handling fee: 0%
Loan example
For example: If the loan amount is 2,000 NGN, the annual interest rate is 36%, the maturity is 91 days, and the repayment is in March in installments, the interest payable is as follows:
Repayment amount per period = [borrowing principal × interest rate × (1 + interest rate) ^ number of repayment periods]/[(1 + interest rate) ^ number of repayment periods-1] Repayment amount per period=【2000×36%×(1+36%)^3】/【(1+36%)^3-1】=707.06
Total interest = monthly repayment amount * number of repayment periods-principal
Total interest=707.06*3-2000=121.18
Total debt is 2,000 Nai NGN principal + 121.18 NGN interest = 2121.18 NGN

contact us:
Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Address: PLOT 356-358, A.O.O.C. Central District, Abuja, Nigeria”

Summary: Credit Bank Loan App – Login and Register (Apk Download)

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