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Customer Care: Naira Way Loan App - Login and Register (Apk Download)

Customer Care: Naira Way Loan App – Login and Register (Apk Download)

Source: Naira Way Loan App

Customer Care: Naira Way Loan App – Login and Register (Apk Download) , Naira Way is a Loan Platform to provide Nigerian mobile users with convenient lending services.

With simple steps and minimal documentation, users can get qualified loan products which is 100% online process. Once approved, the loan amount will be immediately transferred to the applicant’s bank account.

Customer Care: Naira Way Loan App - Login and Register (Apk Download)
Naira Way Loan App

Loan application process is secure and safe. Naira Way promises that never share customer’s information to anyone without consent.

Product Features

  1. No credit history required.
  2. High loan amount & Low interest rate.
  3. Automatically reviewed: 24×7 access to loans.
  4. Computer automatically reviewed and it only take little time

Loan amount for our instant personal loan application: ₦ 5,000 to ₦5,00,000
Daily interest rate: 0.066%
Minimum annual interest rate (APR): 24%, maximum annual interest rate: 36%
Loan repayment period: 6 to 12 months
Handling fee: 2% of loan amount
Examples of loans:
For example, you need a loan of 10,000, divided into 3 repayments, the interest you need to pay is ₦400, and the handling fee is: ₦200. Total debt: ₦10,600
Calculation formula
Monthly interest calculation formula = annual interest rate (APR) 24% / 12 = 2%
Daily interest rate = annual interest rate (APR) 24% / 12/30 = 0.66%
Total interest for repayment = (number of months of repayment + 1) * loan amount * monthly interest rate / 2 = (3 +1) * ₦10,000 * 2% / 2 = ₦400
Handling fee = loan amount * 2% = ₦10,000 * 2% = ₦200
Total debt = total interest + principal + handling fee = ₦400 + ₦10,000 + ₦200 = ₦10,600
Monthly repayment = total debt / number of months of borrowing =
10,600 / 3 = ₦3533.33

WHO can apply?

1.Nigerian Citizens.
2.18 years or above.
3.Salaried/self-employed with regular source of income.

How to APPLY?

1.Download Naira Way App from google play store and install.
2.Register with your phone number.
3.Fill in basic information.
4.After the submission of the loan application, the final result will be shown in the APP.
5.If approved, the loan amount will be disbursed into the bank account directly.

Contact us:

Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Summary: Naira Way Loan App

I took a loan of 7000 and when I want to pay back the app isn’t working well, the offline payment and online payment from the app is not working it just rolled and have tried various Internet provider. Tha app is just bad, no where on it to chat with their customer care,no phone number to call.

Very terrible app. No contact number no form of communication even after the delay. Don’t dare try to contact me for repayment cos I have not received payment.

What is the meaning of this rubbish. I didn’t borrow money from the loan and they are sending me message to pay back my loan, first they said is #10050 now another message came in showing #10060 from Foundone. I don’t even have the app before now. When I saw the message yesterday I decided to download it so I will know if I borrowed before but I discovered that it was showing me that I have to register on the App before logging into the App because I have not registered with the App before

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  1. Pay success but I still couldn’t get the cash since last week and my account is debit from you since last week twice last week apart from charges fees it’s was debit by Eguji ezekiel and okoye ikena.and till now have not received the loan and my debit account has not refund.pls do something on it.


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