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OKash loan app

Customer Care: OKash loan app , Phone Number , Email Address

Source: OKash loan app

Customer Care: OKash loan app , Phone Number , Email Address , The free contact details of this loan company is now available , kindly follow the details below.

Contact Us:
Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Customer Service Hotline: (+234)08097755512,08097755514
Address: Room 301, Japaul House, Plot 8 Dr. Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Central Business District, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

OKash loan app

Summary: Customer Care – OKash loan app , Phone Number , Email Address

I have been hearing about this platform for a long while now and no matter how I tried I keep getting rejected with one thing or the other.. And today there are saying my BVM has been used before, I tried signing in with my other number but still the same thing, so please can something be done about it please.

This app is ok, but my only problem with them is that i have made payment three times in a row and their no increase, and the agent they hired keep making fake promises to people that if u payment before the due date u will get an increase in the amount, which after making payment they never pick your call again.


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19 thoughts on “Customer Care: OKash loan app , Phone Number , Email Address”

  1. Good evening to all I don’t know I have made my payment of 8000 since on Thursday but I don’t know why dey are still sending me messages dt my loan is increasing.

  2. I have refunded the money I owned your platform for the past few months now and you guys still restricted me from using my main bank account linked to Ur platform..

  3. Good evening sir/ma, my name is Samson Andyar am member of okash, actually I have been collected money from okash but unfortunitely I was by robbers at gerage ikd, this is two weeks back and its was on Sunday, and I called my banks its doesn’t went through, before Monday when I got in the bank I found that all my money was cleared, I shared a quite sad tears but got nothing to do, I look way to find a phone to check okash app I didn’t get any, but I thank God today my friend gave me a small Android phone to be managing for a while, and after that I rush to play Google to download okash app, when I login I found that the repayment is over high, I found amount of 24939 which I was shocked, please my apology goes okash CEO/management, but I don’t have such money now due for things that I pass through, just few days ago, my question is that if I can pay half then pay the remaining amount later, please am so damn since then, my old number is 09032111359 new one is 09155220135, I need to hear from u people, thank u all
    Once again I’m Samson Andyar.

  4. This is the same problem am having ,robbers also attacked me took away my ATM CARDS and cleared my bank account , after I got a phone retrieved my line I went to google ,down loaded the app got Okash WhatsApp number ,I made my complains ,then I was instructed to pay and send proof to them which I did ,but am stii surprised that you guys are still sending me message and increasing the debt
    My name is Hannah Umachi
    Phone number 09041505707

  5. Good afternoon ma/sir, my name is Ojulari Taiwo Adeola, I make my payment trough Zenith bank, and they said there was a problem with the account, please I need help because I can’t repaid it again, my number is 08141802378. Please I need reply

  6. Good afternoon,this is Adetunji iyanuoluwa,I collected loan of 25,000 and was asked to pay back 30,600 but I was unable to pay back on the due date due to some things that happened,it was on Thursday last week they later debited my account 57,600 and they have been debiting my account since which I have evidence to prove, you guys have debited almost 70,000 in my account, please what’s happening before I act or you guys should send back my money

  7. Good pm ma/sir whatever
    One of your workers called me that I was trying to apply for loan and I told her that the interest is too much and she called back again that the interest is not up the amount am talking about. She said I should check my app , I told her that I’ve heard. She drop the call. Before checking the app, I received alert. When I checked my app I saw the same interest (i.e unacceptable interest) . My question is that, to collect loan is it by force. Since then I’ve been trying to reach you but I couldn’t. I need your account number I want to send your money back . This is my number (07087574211)

  8. I made a deposit payment of #14500 into my opay account and it was withdrew instantly by Okash even when my loan repayment of #10200 will due on 12/7/22.

  9. I am Solomon, I collected loan to be due on 6 july 2022 and I made early payment 2 days ago into the opay account you give and no response till now. My account is still showing that I am owing why?

  10. I am Solomon, I collected loan to be due on 6 August 2022 and I made early payment 2 days ago into the opay account you give and no response till now. My account is still showing that I am owing why?

  11. Pls am Daniel, i register with okash, and provered all they ask me, both my bvn, aftes sometimes they call me on phone and tell me that they wil credit my account uptill nw i hv not seen the money, for pass 3weeks nw, so am afraid becus of my bvn that i give out, my num

  12. Hey sir I didn’t borrow any money why didn’t asked me to repay money please clear what you write infront of my phone


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