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Dr Penking Vs Papaya ex – Latest Updates

Source: Dr Penking

 Dr Penking Vs Papaya ex – Latest Updates – “The lady that won the car is very close to Papaya ex “ social media influencer Dr Penking reveals as he condemns Papaya ex 1million Instagram followers party.

So Papaya Ex clocked 1 million followers on Instagram and hosted a big giveaway party to celebrate. People travelled from all over Nigeria to the venue when they heard that a random person would win a car. A lady won the car and everyone was so happy for her. But a little bit of digging revealed that the lady that won the car is a very close ally to Papaya Ex. She is the one handling her fan page. They’ve been following each other and commenting on each other’s Instagram posts since 94 weeks ago. That’s like 2020.


The heart of woMAN is desperately wicked. Why didn’t she just give the car to the girl if she wanted to appreciate her for something? Why make people waste their transport and lodging money when you already knew the person you would give all your gifts to?

You deceived people to spend their money, time and resources to attend a scam giveaway party and also generate free PR for yourself .
With the present security situation in Nigeria, one of those desperate might have lost their life while traveling on the roads.

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