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Folake Abiola

Biography Of Folake Abiola – Husband , Age , Chikdren – Glo Accountant

Source: Folake Abiola

According to ENigeria Newspaper, Folake Abiola, a Glo accountant, committed suicide by swallowing snipper, which resulted in her untimely death.

According to a person who relayed the news on Whatsapp, Folake drank snipper pesticide and died. She was also rumored to be depressed.

Folake Abiola
Folake Abiola

Although her background is unclear, several of her intimate acquaintances regarded her as a highly sympathetic person at work and at home.

She is a core professional who is claimed to be dedicated to her work, but there are also signs that she is not married, does not have children, and is not involved in any relationships that her acquaintances are aware of.

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