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Igbo Elephant Tusk

Igbo Elephant Tusk and Meaning In Culture

Igbo Elephant Tusk and Meaning In Culture – The ultimate emblem of social prestige in Igboland is the du-Okike or Okike (Elephant Tusk).

It is worn by titled people and is related with cosmological and theological ideas in Igboland; hence, Chukwu okike signifies God the Great Creator.

Igbo Elephant Tusk
Igbo Elephant Tusk

The elephant is the largest and most powerful animal in the wild, and its size is metaphorically equated with that of God.

It is a revered animal, and that reverence and magnificence is translated to the social status symbols manifested in the z named men.

Enyi, the elephant, is not a common animal and should not be treated as such. In #Igbo tradition, acquiring its tusk indicates the end of social achievement, implying figuratively that God-Chukwu, as elephant, is behind my success.
Okike implies creativity, which includes procreation, to an Igbo man.

As a result, an okike is only blown on special occasions that represent riches and authority. It is employed for the titleship installations, ofala, and large festivals.

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