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New Week Prophecy and Declarations By Bishop David Oyedepo

Source: Bishop David Oyedepo

COVENANT BLESSINGS FOR THIS WEEK!!! – New Week Prophecy and Declarations By Bishop David Oyedepo
~Bishop David Oyedepo

You must acknowledge every act of God in your life from your heart, in order to preserve the blessings.
You cannot see the reality of what is written in the Word and not despise the negative situations around you.


It shall be a week of harvest of testimonies for you!
In the name of Jesus, an end has come to every evil report in your life!
God’s presence will continue to make a difference in your life!
This week is declared an awesome week for you, in the name of Jesus!
You shall step into your next level of inheritance today, in the name of Jesus!
As you keep praising God, He will keep raising you from one level to another!
The Lord shall fill your mouth with laughter!
You will never be found in depression anymore!
Your long awaited promotion will happen today!

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