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Source: Apostle Joshua Selman

We have come to a point now in the body of christ that while service is going on, people boldly remove their phones from their bags and pocket to do whatsapp and login to Facebook to reply a message, an urgent message so they say.

Some even walked out of the service to pick phone calls from friends regalia meeting the spoke about before coming for the service.


So this is where technology have finally taken us to in treating God.

The things we can not do with phoned in front of a king in our village and locality but we feel we can do that to the ancient of days, the ageless one hmmm.

Some of us don’t even use to pick calls when having time with our spouse but it’s Gods we want to put on hold, am here to tell us is unfair.

Some of us can’t pick call when our dads calls us to have one on one discussion with us but it’s God we choose to excuse in the middle of crucial life transforming matter.

Some even go as far a leaving their phone on volume, when it ringing, the boldly raise to their feet and be doing one rush rush to go out and pick the call kaiii, who did this to us?

Who have bewitched us?

The day we come to realize God is a king, we will stop all this rough play in dealing with God.

The day we understand that God is the monarch of zion, who sits on the throne of jasper to legislate over affairs that concerns the heavens and the earth then that day we will not wait for preacher to tell us to maintain in God presence.

We must begin to accord God the maximum reference he deserve.

Unless we raise and begin to do things accordently, there are certain matter baba may not involve us, cause we have consistently prove how unserious we can be in presence.

When ever you appear before God, learn to switch off your phone or silent it.

It’s just 2-3 hours in his presence, even if it business call you missed because you are his presence, he knows how to restore what seems to be lost in double fold.

Just the the way you can be with the president of America discussing matters then excuse him to pick a call, God is even more than that, the king of the universe.

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