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Pastor Tavner Smith

Biography Of Pastor Tavner Smith – Age , Net Worth , Wife

Biography Of Pastor Tavner Smith – Age , Net Worth , Wife – Pastor Tavner Smith of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has denied allegations that his church is on the verge of foreclosure, less than a year after many staff members resigned as a result of a suspected romance he had with a former church employee.

Pastor Tavner Smith
Pastor Tavner Smith

Smith told Instagram users that rumors of the church’s closing were “absolutely incorrect.”



When Venue Church was reported to have defaulted on its obligation for the property at 6401 Lee Highway in Chattanooga’s Times Free Press on July 31st, the post was almost certainly a reaction. According to foreclosure and sale notices, an auction will be conducted on August 24th.

According to the statement, Venue obtained a $2.8 million loan for the property in 2019. According to Hamilton County records, the property is valued at $4.86 million.

“First and foremost, it is completely false. “The Venue Church is not closing,” Smith stated. “Our great legal team has told me that I can tell you with certainty that our Chattanooga site is not going anywhere.”

“For Venue Church, the best is yet to come.” It’s not over yet. Smith continued, “We’re just getting started.”

He urged his supporters to the service on Sunday, when he promised to “put the record right.”


The Christian Post made failed attempts to contact Smith and Venue Church.

In December, Venue Church, a nondenominational church with around 2,000 members, was rocked by scandal after Smith was accused of having an extramarital affair.

Prior to the current upheaval, Venue Church had been one of America’s fastest-growing congregations.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press received audio from a highly publicized Dec. 17 meeting between Smith and over 100 church volunteers at the fast-growing Venue Church, following the resignation of several staffers over the alleged affair.

In January, the Facebook page “The Venue is NO Church,” which is critical of the church, uploaded photographs demonstrating that Venue Church is currently exclusively functioning from the Chattanooga facility on Lee Highway.

Tavner Smith, the megachurch pastor, denies reports of church foreclosure.
Venue Church had a campus in North Georgia, however that location is no longer featured on the church’s website.

Smith started a sabbatical around that time when a video leaked online showing him kissing a church employee who was not his wife, which gained national media attention.

When Smith returned from his sabbatical, he admitted to his congregation that he had been involved in a “inappropriate relationship” and pleaded for forgiveness.

“Before I preach a word today, I just wanted to apologize.” “So many things I’ve said, done, didn’t say, and avoided were wrong,” Smith added, according to a tape of the apology shared on YouTube by journalist Julie Roys.

“I was in an improper relationship.” And I’d like to apologize for causing you any humiliation, heartache, or uncertainty. “I’ve hurt individuals and created grief that I know I’ll never be able to undo,” he continued. “As your leader and pastor, I come to you to openly own my sins and earnestly seek forgiveness.” It pains me to think that my arrogance and selfishness may have caused anyone harm.”

Tavner Smith, the megachurch pastor, denies reports of church foreclosure.
Smith and his wife, Danielle, who have three children, filed for divorce in May 2021.

Smith was appointed as executive student pastor at Redemption World Outreach, a church run by Ron and Hope Carpenter, in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2008. Carpenter is listed as Smith’s mentor on his website.

The Smiths relocated to Chattanooga in 2012, where they established Venue Church.

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