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Powerful Letter To Ladies – (MUST READ)

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Dear LADY…

Working on yourself to become better is a MUST. Bishop Oyedepo said, “the largest room in the whole world is the room for IMPROVEMENT”. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from.


No, I am not talking about character!

There are ladies with good character but there is really nothing they can add to a man’s life in terms of intellect.

All they have is good character and good cooking skills. Yes, you need those but you need MORE.

How do you intend to cope with the man of high intellect that you’ve been praying and waiting on God for?

No man wants to marry a dullard! Marriage is not all about good food and character only. As a lady, you must have something upstairs.

Some of you cannot speak or write good English as a result of your background but you’re doing NOTHING to be better in that aspect!

Here’s one truth. Aside beauty, another important thing that attracts you to a man is your level of INTELLIGENCE! You should know book o. 😅

What can you contribute when you find yourself in an intellectual conversations? Or you will just sit there and be listening, having absolutely nothing to say?

The four walls of school will not teach you some things but there is room for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT!

Imagine Vice President Osinbajo got married to a lady with a very low IQ, would he have a helpmeet to help him sustain the position that God has taken him today?

You’re not meant for the bedroom and kitchen only. There’s so much you can add to your man’s life especially for those of you who will be getting married to men of high intellect.

Now is the time to develop yourself. Your written and spoken English matters. Read wide. Work on your IQ. You can never tell where God is taking you, prepare yourself!

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