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Sandra Areh Chinelo

Top Facts About Sandra Areh Chinelo – Apostle Joshua Selman Wife To-be

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Checkout the Top Facts About Sandra Areh Chinelo – Apostle Joshua Selman Wife To-be , Note that This page will always be updated with some facts about Sandra Areh Chinelo.

Sandra Areh is said to be Apostle Selman’s future wife; this was publicized publicly in 2020 via the Church’s social media network.

Sandra Areh Chinelo
Sandra Areh Chinelo

Apostle is set to marry Lady Sandra Areh, who happens to have a birthday on Monday, December 9. She is also known as Selwoman, after Apostle Joshua’s surname.
According to Joshua Selman’s best friend, Olufukeji ‘Ejimi’ Adegbeye, in a Facebook message to her:Biography Of Sandra Areh Chinelo

‘We in Zaria, Nigeria, and indeed the entire worldwide Koinonia family, can’t wait for the grander celebration of the Apostolic unity next year! Thank you for sticking by Apostle all these years, Mom! You have given up so much of your personal and private life to help him become the powerful man of God he is now. And we thank God for your sacrifice and support, which are still visible in his life and ministry today!’Profile Of Sandra Areh Chinelo

Christendom anticipates the Union with joy and thanks to God.

The following information is the most recent we have regarding the Apostle’s Wedding, which was supposed to take place last year, but possibly due to the epidemic, the man of God has been occupied with the work of the kingdom since we entered the year 2021.Age Of Sandra Areh Chinelo

Sandra, who is very close to Apostle and has been seen in multiple images with him, is a personal assistant to a House of Representatives member in Abuja, Nigeria.

  • Sandra Areh Chinelo’s
  • Date of Birth: December 9th
  • Education: Ahmadu Bello University Zaria graduate
  • Anambra is the state of origin.
  • Igbo is a tribe.
  • Selwoman is a nickname.


Sandra Areh was born into a Christian home where she was raised in the ways of the Lord. She is a spiritually fiery person as well as a prayer giant. She surrendered her life to Christ in 2010 and has since been actively affecting the kingdom of God and teaching the word of God.Origin Of Sandra Areh Chinelo

She comes from the eastern portion of Nigeria, namely Anambra state, and belongs to the Igbo tribe.

Sandra Areh holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from ABU Zaria, where she graduated in 2013.

She has not revealed her true age, although she was born on December 9th, and a lot of apostle fans celebrated her birthday last year.

What brought Apostle Selman and Sandra Areh together?

They were in a relationship when she was still a student on campus, and they met in Zaria, Kaduna State. She was also a part of the early days of the Koinonia ministry in Zaria, serving in the Media Unit; she is affectionately known as “Selwoman.”State Of Origin Sandra Areh Chinelo

In Jesus’ name, AMen, we hope that God would perfect their upcoming marriage and continue to bring Grace to both of them.


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  1. This is all wrong! You cant force a man to marry a woman just with the use of media. Apostle Joshua Selman is not engaged to anyone as we speak. He isn’t getting married to Sandra Areh Chinelo. He is single!


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