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Something happened two Sundays ago in Canaanland that touched me. Some people shared testimonies of how they saw Bishop David Oyedepo appearing in their dreams to deliver them from the traps of the wicked and we were all excited to hear that. I’m sure some worshippers may even turn that into a prayer point – wanting the Bishop to appear in their dream.

Amazingly, when Bishop David Oyedepo began to preach, he literally said that the person they saw in their dream couldn’t have been him and that it was the angel of the church that appeared in form of him – as stated in Rev 2:1 and Rev 3:7. He even added humor when he said he was probably eaten or sleeping when that deliverance happened.


I’ve heard a number of preachers interpret those verses, and they didn’t hesitate to say that they were the angel of the church the Bible referred to.

At this point, I don’t care who was right or wrong, but the wisdom from Bishop’s interpretation delivered the entire congregation from human worship that Sunday.

So why would people think following men like this is human worship?

It’s not human worship. It’s the Jesus they showed us that we’ve followed through them.

Hebrews 6:12 says we should not be sluggish, rather we should imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised. I’ve seen the promises of God evident in their lives, it’s only wise that I followed – just so I can manifest the promises too.

Amazingly, I’ve listened to Bishop Oyedepo and Bishop Abioye preach for over 10 years and I’ve neither heard one proud statement from them nor seen them take the place of God.

Bishop Oyedepo will hardly use “Me, Myself, and I” during teachings. He’d rather say “this prophet” than “your prophet or I’m a prophet”. If he has to make reference to any mantle related testimony, he’d say, “she used the Prophetic mantle” not “she used the mantle from me”. Please tell me again, why shouldn’t I follow such a man?

He has proven to be a great example, and I’m convinced that only those who haven’t sat under his teachings talk obscenely.

Only the devil will go to Canaanland, listen to Bishop Oyedepo’s sermon and still hold on to grievances. The man has done no harm to anybody, only good.

But then again I’m not surprised, YouTube and Facebook has become the church of many people, they watch a few short clips on YouTube and Facebook and conclude that Bishop is this and Bishop is that 😂.

At this point I think I should put a disclaimer: These short clips we post are not Sunday services, they are snippets that remind you of moments you may have missed during the service. And that means you don’t have the right to say rubbish if you didn’t hear the sermon. Period!

Let’s be calming down biko. I’m not writing this because the Bishop is worried about the misguided grievances from people, no! I’m writing because there’s more we can benefit from the man if we’d just humble ourselves.

Truth be told, you can’t follow Bishop Oyedepo if you don’t love Jesus.

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