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Why you can go to jail for painting your car army green in Nigeria

Why you can go to jail for painting your car army green in Nigeria

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Why you can go to jail for painting your car army green in Nigeria – Every Nigerian has some sort of fear for soldiers. No matter how rowdy a place might be, once soldiers are deployed to that scene, there will be some measure of order. You might be traveling with your airpods or earpiece in your ears, but the moment you come across a millitary roadblock, you have to remove such accessories.Why you can go to jail for painting your car army green in Nigeria

Although, the fear of the millitary might seem a little needless, it is necessary because you do not want to get on their bad side. Going against their rules can subject you to hours of beating, frog jumps and other rigorous punishments.

While some of these rules civilians get punished for are largely unwritten, there are certain ones that have been codified. One of which is painting of a car the colour ‘army green’.

The Army Colour (Prohibition of use) Act was enacted on the 4th of April 1977 during the millitary regime by General Olusegun Obasanjo. According to Section 1, 2 and 3 of the Act, it is illegal for any person to either drive, use or own any car that is painted in a colour popularly known as ‘army green’. The Nigerian army is known to use the colour for its uniform, which is why the reason for this provision is to shield the exclusivity of that colour from any other person or body.

Any person who decides to flout the laws, and does otherwise will be liable to a fine of 200 naira or he can be imprisoned for a period not more than six months. It is possible that such individual pays a fine and is imprisoned at the same time. Also, such a person is expected to repaint his car in a different colour from army green.

It should be noted that this law was established many years ago and as a result, the fine accorded as punishment may seem quite small. It is very likely for the fine to be increased and to exceed the amount already stated above. Do ask any questions you might have below.

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