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6 STEP PROCESS TO KNOWING GOD – Apostle Joshua Selman


Let me give you an equation.
I wrote something down here; you’d notice I’m being very simple this night because I really want us to get it. I put a six-step process here to knowing God.

You can write it like this, this leads to this leads to this leads to that. Let me just do it quickly and then I will explain.


Number one, the first dimension I said is an encounter.

Number two, an encounter leads to revelation. After an encounter it is revelation.

And then number three, revelation brings conviction. Conviction

Number four, conviction produces faith. Faith produces actions of obedience.

And your action of your obedience produces results.
This is how it works.

So, it starts with an encounter then it leads you to revelation, then revelation produces conviction then faith or belief.

Then, that belief gives you the platform to act in obedience, actions of obedience and then your actions lead to results.

This is how we get results in this kingdom. It starts with an encounter and ends with an awe-inspiring result.

This is the equation. If you want to excel this year, this is what you will need to pass through; an encounter, yes, an encounter!

That means, for instance, if you want to prosper then there is a dimension of God you have to encounter.

When you encounter Jehovah Jireh, there is something about that name.
You have that encounter it produces revelation of the principles contained within Him to prosper you.

Then, it creates conviction. Now, you can give. If God tells you to empty your account, you are not wondering will it happen.
You can take a step of faith because it’s from a stand point of conviction.


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