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Book: Dreams & Revelation - Apostle Philip Cephas (PDF Free Download)

Free: Apostle Philip Cephas Books (PDF Download)

Source: Apostle Philip Cephas Books

Free: Apostle Philip Cephas Books (PDF Download) , Get these amazing life lifting books by the Great man of God , Apostle Philip Cephas , note that more books by other men of God is available on our homepage.

Apostle Philip Cephas Books
Apostle Philip Cephas Books

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List Of Apostle Philip Cephas Books:

  1. Angelic Encounter and Visitation (821kb)
  2. Birthing the Giant (523kb)
  3. Deliverance & Salvation Prayer (771kb)
  4. Dreams & Revelation (523kb)
  5. Encountering God (627kb)
  6. Pathway to the Anointing (1.5mb)
  7. Prayer and the Believer (531kb)
  8. Prophetic Gifts (3mb)
  9. Prophetic Language (400kb)
  10. Prophetic Speaking, Insight & Declaration (500kb)
  11. Prophetic Unction (1.8mb)
  12. Responding to Spontaneous Burden (1.2mb)
  13. Roadmap for a Weary Sojourner (1.2mb)
  14. Spirit Transport (1mb)
  15. The Life of God (2.3mb)
  16. The Prophetic Generation (566kb)
  17. The Prophetic Office (423kb)
  18. The Prophetic Throne (2.3mb)
  19. The Revealer and The Revelation (818kb)
  20. The Sojourner’s Guide (975kb)
  21. The Tabernacle & The Believer (1.1mb)
  22. Trance & Daydreaming (422kb
  23. Vision (869kb)
  24. Vision of a Great People (609kb)

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