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Customer Care: EaseMoni Loan App - WhatsApp Number - Email - Phone Number

Customer Care: EaseMoni Loan App – WhatsApp Number – Email – Phone Number

Source: EaseMoni Loan App

Customer Care: EaseMoni Loan App – WhatsApp Number – Email – Phone Number – The process of loaning is very simple and the interest rate is wonderfully low and the wonderful thing about the app is that the money comes immediately.

It is indeed a five star loan app. The entire process is smooth and approval rate and delivery to your account is wow. Thanks easemoni. Keep it up.Customer Care: EaseMoni Loan App - WhatsApp Number - Email - Phone Number


Review Customer Care: EaseMoni Loan App – WhatsApp Number – Email – Phone Number

My first experience with you guys was amazing, as a first timer i was given 24,000 and i was able to pay back even before the due date but when i applied the second time instead of my limit to increase, it was decrease to#4,000.

Apart from this challenge that i faced, I have no complain about this app it’s a great app and the staff are friendly and wonderful. I recommend this app for everyone that wants a loan 👍.

Contact Us:

Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Customer Service Hotline: (+234)9087614150
Address: 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave, ikeja, lagos, Nigeria

*Please note we will give you several options for you to select when do you want to repay the loan.

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28 thoughts on “Customer Care: EaseMoni Loan App – WhatsApp Number – Email – Phone Number”

  1. I try my best to apply for loan in this application because I like your interest, I don’t understand your comments,I need 2 weeks loan

  2. I make mistake the name of the bank I selected, instead of gtbank I choosed cibiank. Please I want it changed before you disburse

  3. I just requested for loan this morning but the bank I choose Citibank instead of gtbank. My account 0130790913 for gtbank and not Citibank. This mistake was because of my eye problem. Kindly help me retify before you disburse to the account

  4. I got a message /text from you that one ADEMOLA SUNDAY JACOB used me as a guarantor to collect loan from your company. I want to inform you that I don’t know him and I am not aware of such transaction. All attempt to reach him through his phone number you provided failed. Delect my details from your record.

  5. I am not aware of the transaction that ADEBOLA Sunday Jacob had with you. Delect my details from your record. Obatomi Ige Matthew.

  6. Easemoni is great ,but what i do not understand was that the first time of applying for loan,the system qualifies me for 8k and to be paid back in a week’s time. I don’t know the rationale of calculating the amount needed by an application,because i needed a loan of 50k to be paid back in 6 months time.
    Please explanation is required here.Thanks

  7. I made my payment which is not due yet and later asked for another loan over 6hours now’s it is yet to be disbursed to my account only writing loan processing since

  8. My name is Bose owolabi yetunde I mistakenly sent extra #2000 after my payment into your account kindly send the money to my account. First bank account owolabi abosede yetunde

  9. May I ve your direct account details to repay my loan, I don’t ve online transfer app on my phone, pls I need it immediately now, also your WhatsApp numbers pls, am waiting, ve tried calling your customers service line but it’s keeping too long playing music no response.

  10. My name is Ben Godswill ,I apply for a loan of 36k and have repay it even before the due date and I want a bigger amount not that same 36k pls

  11. Good morning Easimoni, Please I do not apply for a loan coz I just finished paying one and immediately dia is another which I didn’t request for.please kindly withdraw your loan from my bank account coz I do not have means of paying back. Thank you!

    Hafsat Abdulrazak
    A/C no 5554283245

  12. Pls i’v repay your loan , and they are still keep on calling me that I should pay my loan, pls and every day by day, they are adding another money to my loan pls find something to it ooo i have pay my loan ooo stop Calling me ooo

  13. easemoni has been very disappointed , after repayment of 26000naira loan I collected from them without delay , they offered 10000naira . I was expecting something higher than what I collected before from them.
    it’s so annoyed.

  14. I wrongly sent money to the repayment account while I wanted to save it on my ease moni account how can I withdrew it vack

  15. My name is bankole Fuad olamide am not the one who borrowed from you guys because have been seeing some strange message the thing is that have misplaced my atm since then have been seeing so so alert on my phone and have gone to bank to make a report before you people start posting my pic Oo


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