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Ulti Arena

REVIEWS: Ulti Arena – (Coin Price – Telegram – Price Prediction)

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REVIEWS: Ulti Arena – (Coin Price – Telegram – Price Prediction) – Is this company Real Or Fake ?? , Developing games based on NFT assets can generate huge revenue opportunities.

Ulti Arena
Ulti Arena

Same NFT game assets should not be used in multiple games to maintain scarcity and protect the Artist’s and Game Developers’ works. By HODLing our ULT tokens you gain both FREE tokens and also support Game Artists and Developers.

The increasing proliferation of mobile phones and easy availability of games on the
internet along with innovations in both hardware and software are expected to have
a positive impact on the growth of the global gaming market. In addition, the growing
adoption of mobile and browser games which offer free-to-play business models are
another trend that is gaining traction in the gaming market.
Further, with the rising popularity of e-sports, multiplayer video game competition
between professional and amateur players, the gaming market is witnessing an
accelerated growth worldwide. Some of the other factors propelling the gaming market
are the empowering nature of games:
Availability of different genres, such as strategy, action, simulation, etc.
Shift from physical games to online games.
Looking forward, the publisher expects the global gaming market to reach a value of US$
287.1 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.24% during 2021-2026

Summary REVIEWS: Ulti Arena – (Coin Price – Telegram – Price Prediction)

What We’re Trying to Solve
For Game Artists

  1. A better way to showcase their works: 2D/3D assets, artworks, brushes, resources,

  2. Support in earning even more through enabling sales on NFT Marketplace, building
    their own website and profile along with the right tools to create all the creative works.

  3. Central repository for reviewing and receiving reviews for the assets, tutorials and
    community support.

  4. Finding the right projects or job offers from Game Developers / Companies, along
    with interacting with future Gamers who will use their products, merchandise and
    assets / creative works.

  5. Growing customer base on NFT Marketplace and through Spaces with the support of
    tools to offer coupons, marketing, instant recognition.

  6. Payments in crypto from clients, gamers, customers for the works, NFT’s, merch and
    projects done on the platform.

  7. Enabling collaboration on Artworks (2D/3D assets) with external parties.

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