Evangelist Kingsley Nwaorgu (Remite TV) Sunday Live Service – March 21 2021 (Watch)

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Evangelist Kingsley Nwaorgu (Remite TV) Sunday Live Service – March 21 2021 (Watch)

FACT: Strongholds are simply faulty thought patterns we allow that are based on lies and deception. The more you believe the lie the greater the stronghold becomes.

The enemy wants nothing more than us to have an distorted view of who God is and how we are beautiful in His image. Understand that God made you fearfully, which in Hebrew means in reverence or heart felt respect, which is completely different than the English definition.

God isn’t a taskmaster who wants to strike fear, He loves you too much and wants the best for you, knowing that alone should increase your admiration towards Him.

Secondly, you are wonderfully made which means that you are unique and set apart. That means that you should never believe any lie said by the world that speaks otherwise.

Stop believing the lies of inadequacy or that God is angry and will never bless you because the lie you believe will be the life you’ll abide in.

Arrest those thoughts and deny their power over your life because you have purpose and God loves you and there’s NOTHING you can do about. Apply God’s truth and watch those lies die.

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