Live Sunday Service – Prophet TB Joshua (SCOAN) – January 17th 2021

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Live Sunday Service – Prophet TB Joshua (SCOAN) – January 17th 2021 , This is the Live Streaming !!!

Mark my words below !!!

Just because the room got empty around you doesn’t mean that God’s promise decreased.

Everything that He promised to you WILL come to pass regardless of who’s left in your corner.

In fact, your portion was never tied who was around you, it was tied to His love for you.

Understand that when God’s preparing your table some people may need to excuse themselves before your blessing arrives.

So don’t get distracted by who left you because it’s only God doing addition by way of subtraction. In order to bring forth your feast there must be enough room at the table.

Let them go and realize that your future isn’t tied to people who left.

They were never supposed to be a catalyst for your blessing, in fact, they were tied to your blessing being delayed.

God won’t bless mess so let Him clear the table so that your feast can begin. Get ready to grub courtesy of His greatness.

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