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New Creation Church Sunday Service – March 21 2021 (Live Streaming)

Source: New Creation Church

New Creation Church Sunday Service – March 21 2021 (Live Streaming)


The best way to prove that your are truly remorseful isn’t by 1,000 sorrys it’s by one turn. It only takes one turn away from whatever that took you off course to get you back on track.

One of the biggest lies ever told was you messed up too many times to repent now so keep living how you are.

Fact is, God loves you the same as He did before your first ever apology and there’s nothing you can do for Him to fall out of love with you. By knowing that one fact alone should encourage us all to be better and change for good.

There’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind and true repentance means you might not know how but this day marks the change in who you are. Next time you repent, say it with your heart and be done with it.

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