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Apostle Joshua Selman

10 Powerful Messages From Apostle Joshua Selman On Faith

Source: 2020

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Faith is hard to place on God .  Especially when life situations and hinder your growth.  Apostle Joshua Selman is Powerful for prophetic words of Faith.  So we’ve compiled 10 powerful messages from him to help you with your personal spiritual Faith..

“Don’t Reveal Your Secret”

“3 Things That Must’t Stop In Your Life”


“The Mind, Things You Need To Know”

“Secret Behind Money And Time”

“The Dream God Showed Me About The Killings In Nigeria + Solutions”

“God Is Going Somewhere With You Be Patient With Him”

“The Only Reason Why People Suffer In Life”

“This Is What God Showed Me About The Mass Killings In Nigeria”

“You Need To Know This Before December” 

“Understanding Marriage”


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