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Apostle Johnson Suleman Prayer Request - Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp

Apostle Johnson Suleman Prayer Request – Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp

Source: Apostle Johnson Suleman

Welcome to the direction page for Omega Fire Ministries International , Apostle Johnson Suleman Prayer Request – Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp is free for all.

You can always send your prayer request any time and any day.


Note that the prayer request details shared below for Apostle Johnson Suleman is 100% real , don’t fall for scammers online.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Prayer Request - Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp
Apostle Johnson Suleman Prayer Request

Steps to send a Prayer Request to Apostle Johnson Suleman:

  1. You can send your prayer request to this phone number of Apostle Johnson Suleman: +234 (0) 813 687 3289

  2. Sending email through the email address can be very easy and fast , use the official email: [email protected]

  3. You can visit the church to send you prayer request to Apostle Johnson Suleman by using the address below:

KM 132, Benin-Abuja Expressway, Auchi, Edo State Nigeria.

Summary: Apostle Johnson Suleman Prayer Request – Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp

This year the people in your life need more prayer than ever because most people are battling something personally we cannot even imagine.

Set aside some time to pray for your friends and loved ones because your prayer might break them through. Depression is high as well as suicides and with all that’s going on in this year the enemy has waged war on our mental health.

So backup your brothers and sisters in prayer and let them know they are not in this alone.

Let your prayer be the line of defense that every weapon that previously formed in their life malfunctions and never prosper.

The prayers you put up today for others could be a down payment to a future need reaped in your favor, because God blesses those who are obedient.

Invest in someone today, could be you tomorrow.

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67 thoughts on “Apostle Johnson Suleman Prayer Request – Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp”

  1. Man of God need your prayer for my son AVISHEK MARANDI deliver from every bad addiction deliver from alcohol deliver from he Love a non christian girl his name ANKITA MAJUMDAR deliver from every night out from home and come in morning 4 a.m thank you.

  2. I need your prayer for
    1. Spiritual growth and breakthrough
    2. Academic excellence
    3. Financial breakthrough
    And many others

    • Good evening papa, few years now I have been following you through your records which I normally download from net. Sir I love everything about you. Pls papa, I’m a young pst who is post to handle a church and I’m finding difficult to grow the church. Pls sir just speak a word and my ministry will grow. The church is. Gospel Life Power Ministries, Ekowe Bayelsa state. 09133524658

  3. Good morning Papa, please I need prayer, I’m into Dept because of the business I entered, my husband don’t have a job, so I entered a business and I was Rob twice,pos business, I took loan again and join my brother in car business which was also flop, now I’m in serious depth and I’ve now develop BP, my creditors are on me, I’ve been watching wonders without numbers, praying for miracle money, papa please help me, please pray for me. I’m given one week to pay my depth. My number is 08081310100 Cynthia

  4. Good morning Sir my name is okpara chinedu please papa I need a prayer for my dad who has a poison stroke over 10 years please I need prayer for healings and Deliverance my number is 09032100782

  5. Good morning sir my name is ngozi Stella onuchukwu sir I need prayer for a life partner and miracle money alert that ur God open international door for me and take away the spiritual husband in my life and also favor me

  6. Good morning sir I need serious prayer for a life partner am getting old sir and also miracle money alert I want to experience miracle money and open international door for me sir my name is ngozi Stella onuchukwu,07032310097

  7. Things I want God to do for me in 2022 I want him to bless my marriage and remove any misterious lady in the life of my husband and free him anything this lady must have use on him, 2)I want him to provide me with miracle job,3) I want him to cut the hands and kill the handlers that is manipulating my I and my siblings 4) For my father to be healed completely from stroke and eye problem and heals my mother in law 5) For that foundational and ancestral alters in my life and family to be cut off from the roots 6) For my husband to be selected in the U S lottery and international favour, 7) For my destiny helpers and that of my siblings to locate us this year,8) For i and my family members to have financial favour and also my husband,9) For God to speak to my husband and I and that he should give us the zeal to study his word and pray and for my husband to have an encounter with him,10) For my younger brother to be favour and win the court case in which he is involve in ,11) For my family and I to prosper in all we lay our hands to do,12) For any one blocking our way from doing our traditional wedding to give way ,13) For me and my family members to have good health this year ,14) For the yoke of disappointment, delay and poverty to came to an end in my family ,die from the root,15) For my children to be bless and excel in their education and career as well as my younger brother and sister ,16)for my husband to be promoted in his business and profession ,17)He should help us start building our house,18) For my husband to encounter God and also for him to speak in tougue,19) For my husband to be called by his supervisor to defend,20) For God to bring love ,understanding and peace in my home and also bless my marriage,21) For my family to know no lack ,22) For any one owing my parents parent to have rest until they back the money

  8. Sir please
    I need a word,
    I need your prayers.
    From one problem to another,
    The only thing that is giving me courage now is your messages, especially, “mystery of dark moment”
    I’m just 19yrs, I robbed of the motorcycle I am using, and I’m in debts now
    Over #300,000
    A/N:0145246452(ogbaji thankgod agi) union bank, in case you want to help me sir

  9. Good morning Papa my name is ngozi Stella onuchukwu sir I need serious prayer am 34year sir I need my own husband seriously and also I need alert and accommodation and open international door for me 07032310097

  10. Papa I need your prayers doors, knowledge understand wisdom I read but I can’t understand anything or even recall what I have study pls papa pray for me.papa pls pray for open door in my business and I want to travel abroad Papa pls pray for me let me go there daddy pray for me about the grace of God to enter my family and kill all the bad and wicked people who are making the young once not to make it in Life

  11. Papa pray for me for spiritual direction I want to know God more than ever before.financal break true.grace to travel to Canada or USA,long life,distroy all the strong man and woman in my family.pray for success in my exam papa pls pray me let me understand and read and spell ,pray for my son and family for good health,and miracle money and many more

  12. Good morning Papa please sir pray for you I need a life partner and also miracle money and favor in my life and international open door for me sir

  13. Sir, I need financial assistance from you to start up business and this is my account number sir 3062626489 first bank
    Name omonogwu abel
    God bless you

  14. Financial opening, doors to travel abroad, success in my exam this year,long life, business ideas, knowledge understand how to read and write,common sense expansion, miracle money.oh God of wonders without number do it for me let me testify

  15. Greetings great man of God sir please 🙏 help me and pray cause it seems the more I pray for myself the more I become worse I need to answer my calling this year but powers are holding me down I want other things too but this one is my destiny and I need to be serious with it then later others

  16. Good morning Papa.
    My prayer requests Sir
    1). That God almighty should disappoint my enemies and destroy the alters fighting me and my family is this year 2022.
    1). That the words and promises of God almighty over my life and family members should come to pass in this year 2022. Amen

  17. More grace daddy. Your grace sir, pls daddy Join me pray for my brother that God will show him mercy and heal him for fever and that God we make him old

  18. Sir my name is emmanuel pls sir my knees are on grown beging i need financial help to assist me start up business you are my only hope now pls my first bank thank you sir God bless you sir.

  19. Papa pls pray for me that my unborn child will be changed from a female to a male child.this is my heart desire sir.thank you sir for standing in the gap for me.

  20. Apostle Johnson Suleiman.
    Prayer request; Prayer to restore & deliver our wounded & stolen God’s given glory as husband & wife from a heartless M.O.G & Evil people. Also, to deliver us from robbing us of our blessings, & to break the yoke of delay, mere success syndrome, unsettled family, financial bondage, & Emptiness in spirit. 07087318595, [email protected], 07087318595.

  21. Good afternoon man of God please. Need your help I want God to forgive me and separate me from all bad covenant please help me

  22. Papa please pray for me for traveling open doors, financial breakthrough, visa release.
    I also want prayers for my fiancee Tambong Ernest for deliverance for the spirit of setback and delays
    Pray for me also let my spiritual life be in fire
    Pray for me to have a good job

  23. More grace my papa, my name Nebo Henry, Daddy I want overflow in my ministry ,heavy present of God, high favour and Revival 08037815833

  24. More grace my papa, my name Nebo Henry, Daddy I want overflow in my ministry ,heavy present of God, high favour and Revival 08037815833

  25. More Grace papa ,my prayer request is for my brother to be set free from a court case on Friday 1 April ,for peace and love in my marriage and also for financial favour in my life and that of my husband, for my father to be heal completly from stroke and eye problem ,for my elder brother marriage to be sucessful

  26. sir pls I financial help pls we are extrended pls I really need your help u are my last hope pls my acc 6035243874 keystone bank goodluck William god bless you sir and your ministry will grow Amen phone number 08066362832

  27. Good morning papa please I need prayers for financial breakthrough please papa things are not going well me financial please help me in prayers

  28. Daddy pray for me for healing of enlarged heart. Pray for my wife to concived. Pray for longer live for me and my family. Pray for promotion for me and my wife. And favour. Pray that God will move us from satellite to city centre. Pray for God protection. Pray for God to fight those fighting me.

  29. Daddy I only need mercy of God for you to attend to my request, I will be grateful if you can give me few minutes of your time to speak with me. 08145468370

  30. Papa, pray for my chair business to grow for enable me to help Oders.
    Pls papa attend to my prayer request.

  31. My father my father as I begin to pray any evil spirit dat follow me and my siblings to the city standing blocking our destiny should die by fire.

  32. Prayer request- Papa Goodmorning am from Ghana Papa its my prayer that God should Bless me with the fruit of the womb.Amen

  33. papa good evening sir, please sir i am pst Ebakole wisdom, you have been coming to direct me on prayer and you have been taken me out for evanglism, programm,and so on, papa sir more then 3times you have given me your phone number but when i wake up i forget the first or last digit of the number, the first one you gave me was 0703 but when i woke up from sleep at that very moment i forget the number,you came the second time and you where very upset with me that i did not call you after give me your number i pleasded with you and i exprin to you how i forget the last one you took a white shits of pepper and gave me 0803, when i woke up i forget the last number,you gave me again another number 090 i woke up and i forget the last one sir about 3months ago you came to call me for a programm and you ask me to go prepare and follow you. papa please sir i need your prayers help me sir daddy am on my knees sir please i cry for your help sir . this is my phone number 08059439693

  34. Man of God,need ur prayers for me, husband, children and love ones. Most especially myself,I ‘ve been accused of killing my mother-in-law by her daughters,the burial has not been fixed. They hate me right from the start all my good deed results to bad please join ur faith with mine so that i will overcome this battle before me. Also pray for my husband,for his love towards me to be returned just like in the beginning and may he be set free from all family patterns so that he will repent genuinely.
    Finally, pray for mine children and family no untimely death in Jesus name Amen.
    My name is joy from lafia nassarawa state, Nigeria.

  35. Anointed man of God
    Daddy pls pray for me on
    1) let God direct me in everything am doing
    1) let God give me admission base on what he keep for me to be
    1) Daddy bless me
    Pls Daddy I will be happy to speak with you for a minute, 08101607989 or 07013707758,
    God bless you and give you long life and prosperity.

  36. Papa pls pray for me for good results in my exam(exam breakthrough )And also for financial breakthrough in my family

  37. More grace papa pls I want you to pray for me to have a miracle job, for my husband to be set free From the attack on his investment and financiers, for my siblings and to came out of stagnation ,for breakthrough in my life andfamily

  38. More grace papa. Papa please pray for family to receive settlement ,for me to have a miracle job ,for my husband to be set free from this attack on his investment and finance ,for I and my siblings to be set free from the spirit of stagnation ,for breakthrough and financial favour in my family ,for complet healing on my father from stroke ,my my brother court case to be settle.

  39. More grace papa pls I want you to pray for me to have a miracle job, for my husband to be set free From the attack on his investment and financiers, for my siblings and to came out of stagnation ,for breakthrough in my life and family

  40. Hello papa
    I’m Mercy Willie from Liberia, but currently studying in India.
    I have been following you on social media for the past one month up to present.
    Few days ago I applied for a scholarship at the university of Lowa… after 24hrs I received a mail from the university saying that I should sent my transcript, I went ahead and sent my transcript but my GPA is 2.7 and the university is asking for 4.0 GPA
    I’m hoping that you pray along with me so that the God of Wonders Without Number can intervene…

  41. Good morning Papa my name is mulango Robert am ln Bahrain in want The almighty God help me esterblish my electronic business in Cameroon this year 2022 in Jesus name

  42. Good evening Apostle pls I am Esi Baiden from Ghana my prayer request is I will be going for promotion interview on the 20th September 2022 I want help me pass the interview 🙏


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