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Joyce Meyer Prayer Request + Prayer Line

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Joyce Meyer Prayer Request + Prayer Line – Kindly get started with the details below and send your request , we pray may God hear your prayers.

How to Use Joyce Meyer Prayer Request + Prayer Line

Please be specific with your prayer intentions , thanks and God bless you.

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4 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer Prayer Request + Prayer Line”

  1. Lord help me to always follow the right path.
    Help me in my finances, help me to be great and more wealthy but never forget you oh lord

    Lord help me to serve you in all humility and holiness

  2. I live on ss and I don’t have money to pay all my bills and feed me and my 2 cats . I have any way to go to church or back home. Also a safe homeless shelter as I don’t know if I can stay here much longer.

  3. Good morning it’s Jan 1st 2023 please keep my childhood girlfriend since 9 years old she like a sister to me and me with her.My sis in hospital sever breathing issues very sick.low oxygen level heal Donna in Jesus holy name Amen🙏

  4. At the ripe age of 71 I’ve become more aware of how difficult it is for me to ask for help which I really need. My husband is disabled with MS and unable to do much at all. So, I do need help and I’ve been too resistant to it for most my life….such a BIG revelation…one I need prayer for….to help me to start accepting that I,too have needs! I’ve not even asked for prayer like this before so I hope its a good start. I will welcome all the prayer help you all can give me; I too will pray for you all as well 🙂


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