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Koinonia Ministry Prayer Request - Phone Number , WhatsApp , Email Address

Koinonia Ministry Prayer Request – Phone Number , WhatsApp , Email Address

Source: Koinonia Ministry

Apostle Joshua Selman is the founder of this ministry , Koinonia Ministry Prayer Request – Phone Number , WhatsApp , Email Address is free for everybody.

Note that you are allowed to send your Prayer Request using the details below.


Koinonia is one of the top ministries in Nigeria in terms of souls conversion and other spiritual works.

Koinonia Ministry Prayer Request - Phone Number , WhatsApp , Email Address
Koinonia Ministry Prayer Request

Steps to us Koinonia Ministry Prayer Request :

  1. Please if you want to use the phone number to send a prayer request , please send it to: +234 0814 721 4444

  2. The email [email protected] can also be used to send a mail to this great ministry.

  3. To visit the church in Kaduna State , Nigeria , please use the details below:

Christ Gospel Church, 16/17 Alin Basawa Road, Samaru Samaru, Nigeria 810107

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In a year that represents perfect vision one of the reasons why we might not being seeing the newness of God manifested in our lives could be due to our vision being impaired by things in our past.

In fact, throughout the Bible we are often reminded to not look back, however we keep doing so.

Understand that we are in a season where God is wanting to birth something great in our lives but if we become distracted we’ll end up retaining the wrong things that just might breach our blessing.

Let go of every thought, memory and obstruction keeping your eyes off of what’s ahead so that we do not miss what God is doing in this hour.

The worse thing you can do is continue being bound by your circumstances when God has already made a way and you miss it.

There is ample time and opportunity left in this year for God to do something awesome but you can’t see what you refuse to look towards. Make a turn towards the NEW thing and I promise you’ll forget all about what you left behind.

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9 thoughts on “Koinonia Ministry Prayer Request – Phone Number , WhatsApp , Email Address”

  1. Please prayer for me and my families, Today, 13.04.2021, I lost one of my family member today, I lost both of my parents and please pray for me and rest of the families who are still alive. My sister passed away at 3.00 pm today, 13.04.2021.

  2. I want to be established in Christ
    The Lord should show me my ministry
    I don’t want carry over in any course
    I want distinction in my results
    The Lord should make me a blessing to others
    I will not die
    I shall do the work of God
    The Lord will not disappoint me in all ways
    I dare to trust God with my life
    He will be my father
    I will not go to hell
    I will fulfill God’s mandate for mY life
    I will fulfill my destiny
    No powers Will destroy my destiny
    The Lord should fill me with His presence
    My parents will enjoy my success, when im successful they will not be in a bad situation or death.
    Mr Kamal should not use coercive power on me, the Lord should vindicate me and favor me.
    The Lord should favour me while my exam script is being marked.
    The Lord should allow all questions both CBE and written favor me. I will not fail.
    Please pray for me

  3. My prayer request is for my son Joshua to find an anointed woman of God and marry now. Something has been holding him from meeting anyone but it breaks today in Jesus Name.

  4. My prayer request is that God will be gracious to me as he was to apostle Paul and his servant apostle Joshua Selman, and give me revelation of his Word and revelation of the ministry of his Holy Spirit.
    I’m also trusting the Lord for gracious encounters in life and ministry

  5. Oh Lord pls bless my understanding while studying,pls give me retentive memory and help me to rejoice and succeed over my forthcoming exam
    Pls Lord help not to labor in vain
    I shall be favor,my mat Number receive favour,I shall proceed in Jesus name amen.
    Help me to give praise to your name at end of this exam, amen


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