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Prayer For Breaking Curses – The Curse Breaking Prayer

Source: Prayer For Breaking Curses

Prayer For Breaking Curses – The Curse Breaking Prayer


Welcome To The Prayer For Breaking

Curses This Is Simply A Video I Put

Together Where I’d Like To Pray For

Anyone Within The Sound Of My Voice All

I Ask You To Do Is To Agree With Me As

We Seek Our Heavenly Father Together

Please Continue To Meditate On This

Prayer For Yourself Speak It Daily Or

Listen To This Video Over And Over Again

And Allow The Word Of God Concerning

Breaking Curses To Reach Deep Into Your

Spirit Let Us Pray Heavenly Father We

Gather Together Here Online And Come

Into Agreement In The Wonderful And

Powerful Name Of Jesus Where Two Or More

Gathered There You Shall Surely Be And

Anything We Agree Upon Is Touching You

Will Surely Do The Bible Says That If

There’s Any Unforgiveness That It Should

Be Dealt With Before Praying Therefore

We Release The Anger Bad Feelings

Resentment Or Any Other Wrong Attitude

Before You Now We Laid At Your Feet And

We Release And Forgive Those Who Have

Wronged Us I Lift Up Those Watching This

Video We Come Into Agreement And Lift Up

Breaking Curses We Declare That Jesus Is

Lord Over The Listener Right Now We

Declare That Your Will Be Done In Their

Life Lord You’ve Completely Delivered

The Listener From The Dominion Of

Darkness And Have Transferred Them Into

The Kingdom Of The Son Of Your Love The

History Of The Listener May Have Been

Filled With Negative Things There May Be

Painful Memories From The Past There Was

A Time Where They Were In Darkness But

No Longer They Are Now Light In You When

They Walk As A Child Of Light Father

The Listener Desires To Be A Doer Of The

Word And Not A Hearer Only Help Them To

Do Just That Thank You That No Matter

What The Past Was For Those Listening To

This Prayer You Are Faithful And Just To

Forgive All Their Sin And Cleanse Them

From All Unrighteousness

We Bind Any Demonic Force That Is Trying

To Bring A Curse On The Listener Right

Now In Jesus Name We Break That Curse

Now In Jesus Name Help Those Listening

To Grow In Grace Undeserved Favour

Spiritual Strength And Recognition And

Knowledge And Understanding About Their

Lord And Savior Jesus Christ So That

They May Be Able To Experience Your Love

And Trust You To Be A Father To Them

What Jesus Did On The Cross Is Far

Bigger Than Any Negative In Their Life

We Command The Spirit Of Fear To Go

Because You’ve Not Given The Listener

Spirit Of Fear But Power Love And A

Sound Mind Help The Listener In Jesus

Name To Put On Your Whole Armor Of God

That They May Be Able To Successfully

Stand Against The Strategies And The

Plans Of The Devil Thank You Father That

Any And All Curses Are Broken And

Destroyed In Jesus Name The Listener

Submits To You And Resist The Devil And

He Flees Every Single Time They Will

Always The Listener Will Always Triumph

In Christ

And We Thank You For The Victory Today

In Jesus Name We Pray Amen


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