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A Prayer For Protection Against Evil Plans 2021

Source: Prayer For Protection

A Prayer For Protection Against Evil Plans 2021


Spiritual Warfare

Is A Conflict A War That’s Being Waged

In The Invisible

Spiritual Realm And The Thing About This

Kind Of Battle Is That

Although It’s Fought In The Spiritual


It Often Manifests In The Visible

Physical Realm

This Is Why The Apostle Paul Wrote Our


Is Not Against Flesh And Blood And It’s


It’s Not Against The Things Of This

World As A Believer

You’re Not Fighting People You’re Not

Just Fighting Circumstances No

You’re Fighting The Spirit Behind The


The Devil Behind The Situation

Our Struggle Is Not Against Flesh And

Blood But Against The Rulers

Against The Powers Against The World

Forces Of This Darkness

Against The Spiritual Forces Of

Wickedness In The Heavenly Places

But Here’s What We’re Doing Today

We’re Going To Pray For Victory In All

Areas Of Our Life

Believe That God Will Break Every Plan

Of The Enemy

Trust That The Lord Will Have The Final

Say In

All Matters Concerning You Your


The Conflicts You Face The Battles You


The Lord Has The Final Say Over All Of


Through Faith Through Worship And

Through Prayer

We Are Protected From Evil Forces And

More Than Just That

We Have Victory And With That


Let Us Pray Lord Jesus

I Look To You Today Concerning All


I Honor And Reverence Your Holy Name


Only You Deserve The Glory Only You

Deserve My Praise And Honor

My Prayer Today Lord Is That You Fight

For Me

Fight My Battles Lord I Believe That

Every Setback Sent From The Enemy Will

Be A Set Up

To Be A Blessing For Me In Jesus Name

In You Father I Find Strength The

Strength And Protection Needed For

Every Battle We Face In This Life

When I Look Back Over My Life Lord You

Have Been Faithful

You Have Saved Me And Kept Me From

Everything That Has Come To Hurt Me

I Am Still Here Able To Lift My Voice

To Lift My Hands And Thank You For Your


And Protection It’s Because Of You Lord


That I Have Survived Every Attack From

The Devil

Which Was Intended To Hurt Me

I Rebuke Cancel And Destroy Every


Every Plot And Attack Of The Enemy Over

My Life

And Over My Family’s Life

I Pray Lord That The Blood Of Jesus

Christ Over My Life Will Cancel

Every Curse And Every Negative Word That

Has Ever Been Spoken Over My Life

Your Word Says From Psalms 34 7 That

The Angel Of The Lord Encamps Around

Those Who Fear Him

And He Delivers Them Taste And See That

The Lord Is Good

Blessed Is The One Who Takes Refuge In


Fear The Lord You His Holy People

For Those Who Fear Him Lack Nothing

And So I Pray That May Your Angels

Encamp Around Me

May You Deliver Me From All Of My

Struggles Deliver Me From Every


Everything That Seeks To Stop My

Spiritual Growth

Deliver Me Emotionally Physically And


From All The Enemies Attacks

Your Word Says The Lord Is Faithful And

He Will Strengthen You And Protect You

From The Evil One I Praise You For Your

Word And Its Promise

The Promise To Protect Me From The Evil

One Protect Me From

All Of The Traps He Sets Protect Me From


Of The Schemes Of The Devil You Are

Faithful God

In The Name Of Jesus There Is No Weapon

Forged Against Me That Will Prosper

In The Name Of Jesus I Refute Every

Tongue That Speaks

Evil Against Me Father Everything That

Seeks To Disturb The Peace In My Mind

Everything That Seeks To Destroy The

Peace In My Spirit

I Ask Today Lord That You Remove It

And Let It Be Placed Far Away From Me

Protect My Peace Of Mind Jesus Protect

The Peace Within My

Soul Lord Father When Life Presents Me


Situations And Decisions That Are

Difficult And Complicated

Will You Give Me The Grace To Overcome

The Strength To Overcome

Give Me The Faith To Turn To You For

Guidance And The Power For Me To Let

Faith Reign Instead Of Fear

Help Me To Overcome Feelings Of

Confusion And Worry And

Instead Give Me The Assurance The Belief

That No Weapon Formed Against Me Will


I Pray Lord That When The Enemy Tries To

Crowd My Mind With Fear And Anxiety

When He Tries To Overwhelm Me With


May You Be My Lord Bearer May You Be My

Resting Place Lord Jesus

May You Block Everything That Could

Bring Me Down Into A State Of Depression

A State Of Anxiety May You Be My Rescue


And Help Me Not To Succumb To The Tricks

Of The Enemy

I Reject The Devil’s Attacks I Reject

His Schemes In The Name Of Jesus

I Will Stand On Your Word That Says In

Second Timothy

4 18 The Lord Will Rescue Me From

Every Evil Attack And Will Bring Safely

To His Heavenly Kingdom

Lord You Are My Hiding Place And I Know

That Under Your Wings I Can

Always Find Safety I Can Always Find


May You Protect Me Always From Trouble

Wherever I Go

Keep Evil Far From Me And My Family I

Speak The Blood Of Jesus To Cover Me To

Surround My Home

I Ask That Your Presence Be With Me May

It Be

Within Me And Behind Me Father Order My


And Lead Me Go Before Me Jehovah And Be

Beside Me I Want To Thank You

For Your Goodness And Your Mercy Upon My


I Thank You Lord For Being In My Life

You Are The Lord God Almighty The Great


Am I Say That You Are My Refuge

You Are The Chief Cornerstone And I

Choose To Trust In The True

And Living God You Provide Me With The

Shelter From Life Storms

From Life’s Difficulties I Speak The

Blood Of Jesus Upon Each And

Every Member Of My Family For Protection

And Preservation Of Life

I Decree And Declare That The Gates Of

Hell Shall Not Prevail Against Me

And My Loved Ones Lord I Commit Myself


My Family Into Your Hands In The Name Of


I Apply The Blood Of Jesus Upon Each And

Every Doorpost Of My Home

Upon Each And Every Window Post Of My


For Protection In The Name Of Jesus


May Your Pillar Of Fire Be Seen Where My

Family And I Abide

Every Night Lord You Have Said

You Will Not Allow Sickness And Disease

To Come Near Me

I Therefore Declare That Sickness And

Disease Are Far From Me

I Pray That You Protect Me And My Family

From Everything We Cannot See That Tries

To Harm Us

No Demon From Hell No Unclean Spirit

No Generational Curses No Misfortune

Will Touch Me Or

My Family Because Of You God I Pray

You Will Protect Me And My Loved Ones In

The Name Of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth

The Name That Was Given Power Above All


Your Word In Psalms 91 Says You Will

Protect Me From The Terror By Night

The Arrow That Flies By Day And I

Receive That Promise

I Believe That You Are Faithful To Your


God Give Me The Faith Of Moses

So That When You Speak To Me And Call Me

To Do Your Work

Or When The Time Comes For Me To Step

Into My Destiny Calling

Help Me Not To Doubt

Give Me The Faith To Step Out And Walk

On Water

When My Mind Says You Can’t Do That Or

You Will Never Succeed At That I Pray

For Bold

Faith That Will Push Back And Say With


All Things Are Possible Give Me The

Measure Of Faith That Truly Believes You


The God Of I Am And You Will Make A Way

When There Seems To Be No Way

Lord I Pray For A Heart Of Worship Like


I Too Want To Chase After Your Heart I

Too Want To Worship You In Spirit And In


Dear God Give Me The Boldness Of The

Three Hebrew Boys

The Boldness To Remove Every Idol In My


The Boldness To Refuse To Bow Down To

Anything And

Everything That Tries To Take Your Place

In My Life

And Father I Pray May You Increase

In My Life As I Decrease

I Plus Your Holy Name Thank You For

Hearing My Prayer

In Jesus Name I Pray Amen


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