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Powerful Prayer To BLOCK All Of The Enemies Plans | Prayer For Protection

Source: Prayer For Protection

Powerful Prayer To BLOCK All Of The Enemies Plans | Prayer For Protection


As Children Of God

There Are Certain Things That We Need

Daily From The Lord

We Need His Mercy Each And Every Day

We Need His Grace And Favor Daily

And We Definitely Need His Protection

Because No Matter How Skilled You Are No

Matter How Wealthy You

Are You Can Never Protect Yourself

Enough To Block The Attacks From The


On Your Own That’s Why Psalm 34 Verse 9

Says Many Are The Afflictions Of The


But The Lord Delivers Him Out Of Them


In Other Words Many Are The Challenges

That You Will Face

Over The Course Of Your Life Many Will

Be The Obstacles That You Come Up


As You Grow Older But Here’s The Key

Thing That We Need To Remember

The Lord Delivers Him Out Of Them All

So It’s Not Your Ability It’s Nothing To

Do With Your Wealthy Friends

It’s Not Your Ingenuity But It Is


The Lord God Almighty The Only One

Who Can Give You The Guarantee That He

Will Deliver You

From All Of Your Troubles

It’s Only Jesus Who Can Block The

Enemy’s Arrows

It’s Only Jesus Who Can Disturb The

Devil’s Plan

Over Your Life It’s Only Jesus

Who Can Expose The Traps That Are Set

Before You

By The Principalities And Powers That We

Fight Against

And So Our Prayer Is That As We Wake Up

As We Go To Sleep Before We

Leave Our Homes Even As We Are Going


Our Business Our Prayer

Has To Be One Of Thanksgiving One Of


But Also Our Prayer Needs

To Be One That Seeks The Protection Of

The Lord

Protection From Above The Bible Says

God Is Our Refuge And Strength

A Very Present Help In Trouble

Our Protection Our Refuge Our Strength

Is All In Him So Don’t Wait Until

Trouble Comes Knocking For You To


That You Need God Don’t Wait For The

Enemy To Attack You

For You To Realize That God Is Your Best

Form Of Protection

So Let Us Pray That The Lord Will Watch

Over Us That He Will Protect

Us And Keep Us Let Us Pray For Strength

And Courage So That We May Not Be Afraid

Or Terrified Let’s Pray That

God Goes With Us May He Always Go Before


And May He Always Cover Us

Let Us Pray Lord Jesus I Praise Your

Holy Name

You Alone Are Worthy Of All The Praise

And Honor

I Pray For Supernatural Protection Today


Your Word Tells Me That You Are A


In The Day Of Trouble You Are My Refuge

And You Are My Strength


You Are The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah

And With Everything Currently Going On

In This World Right Now

With All Of The Illnesses With All Of

The Struggles

With All Of The Violence And Rumors Of


Ask For Divine Protection Upon Me And My


I Speak The Blood Of Jesus To Form

A Hedge Of Protection Around My Home

I Ask That Your Blood Protects Me And My


In All That We Do In Every Place That We

Are Found To Be In

We Invite Your Presence Into Our Lives


May It Be Found In Our Homes And In Our


From Your Word Lord I Know That There Is


In Abiding In Your Presence

And So I Seek Your Presence Father

I Seek Your Presence To Always And

Constantly Be With Me


I Pray That You Block Every Attack From

The Devil

Over My Life In Jesus Name

May You Cancel Every Plan Of The Enemy

And I Declare Through The Authority

That In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ

The Living Son Of God I Declare That

No Weapon Formed Against Me Or My Family

Will Prosper I Declare Through The


That In The Name Of Jesus Christ

That No Attack From The Devil

No Plan No Trap That Is Set

No Plot Nor Scheme Will Prosper

Because I Am Covered By The Blood Of


I Belong To You Lord I Am

In Your Hands And In Your Care

And So My Family Is Covered

My Home Is Covered My Finances

Are Covered And Protected By You Lord

I Am Covered From Head To Toe

By The Miracle-working Blood Of Jesus


And So I Declare To The Devil That You

Cannot Come Near Me

Because I Am A Child Of God And I Am


By The Blood Of Jesus

Lord I Stand And Believe In Your Word

That Says

A Thousand May Fall At Your Side

And Ten Thousand At Your Right Hand But

It Shall Not

Come Near You I Believe Your Word Lord

I Believe That Nothing No Evil Or

Darkness Will Come Near Me Because It Is

Written In Your Word

You Are The King Of Kings And The Lord

Of Lords

You Are Not A Man That You Should Lie

Therefore I Claim This Promise To Be


In My Life And Therefore I Believe This


That In Psalm 91 A Thousand May Fall At

My Side

And Ten Thousand At My Right Hand But It

Shall Not Come Near Me

Or My Family Father I Confess And I

Believe Your Word

That Says In Psalm 91 Verse 10

No Evil Shall Befool You

Nor Shall Any Plague Come Near Your


For He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over


To Keep You In All Your Ways

God Your Word Is True And Everlasting

I Stand In Faith On This Scripture

Psalm 91 Verse 10

No Evil Will Befall Me Or My Family

No Plague Will Come Near My Home Or My


In Jesus Name And Even Though My

Eyes May Not Be Able To See It Right Now

I Believe Your Word And I Believe That

You Have Sent Your Angels

To Have Charge Over Me To Surround

Me And My Family You Have Charge

Over My Life Lord And You Are A God Who

Is Faithful

To Deliver You Are A God Who Is Faithful

To Deliver

Those Who Trust In You And So Today

Father I Declare That I Place My Trust

Completely And Totally In You

Every Single One Of My Cares And Worries

All Of My Burdens I Give Them Unto You


I Surrender It All To You Because You

Know My Beginning And My End

You Know The Present You Know The Past

And You Know The Future

You Are A God Who Neither Sleeps Nor


A Mighty And Powerful Savior

And I Trust That You Will Deliver Me

From All Of My Burdens And Frustrations

Lord Jesus You Are Ever Faithful

You Are My Hiding Place

And At This Present Time I Ask For Your


And For Your Covering Over My Life

I Ask For You To Cover My Family And My

Loved Ones

Even At This Time Where There Is

Uncertainty In This World

Even At This Moment Where There Is A Lot

Of Fear

And Unsettling Things As I Look Around

In The World

I Believe That You Are A God Who Is


In Control You Are A God Who Knows

The Beginning And The End

I Believe That You Are A God Who

Provides Shelter

To Your Children You Are He Who Was

Who Is And Who Will Forever Be

And Although I Do Not Know What Tomorrow

May Hold

I Do Know That Your Word Says In Psalm


25 That I Have Never Seen The Righteous


Nor His Descendants Begging Bread

Lord Your Word In Jeremiah 17 Verse 7


Blessed Is The Man Who Trusts In The


And Whose Hope Is The Lord For He Shall

Be Like A Tree

Planted By The Waters

Which Spreads Out Its Roots By The River

And Will Not Fear When Heat

Comes But Its Leaf Will Be Green

And So I Declare That My Trust Is In The


I Am Like A Tree Planted By The Waters

And I Am Rooted In Jesus Christ

All The Honor Belongs To You Father

I Am Praying At This Time Because I Need


I Need Your Protection Each And Every


I Need Your Favor And Your Mercy Daily


So I Will Seek You And Look For


In You I Will Seek You

And Look For Your Presence To Always Be

Near Me

And Around Me I Will Look To You

Father For All Of My Needs

So I Pray That You Cover Me Lord

I Pray That You Cover Me Each And Every


Thank You For Hearing This Prayer


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