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Chipper Cash

Top 10 Facts About Chipper Cash App You Need To Know – Customer Service

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Top 10 Facts About Chipper Cash App You Need To Know – Customer Service – Phone Number – WhatsApp Number – Send and receive money quickly and easily. Transfer money around town and across Africa using your cell phone.

Chipper Cash
Chipper Cash

What exactly is Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash, a cross-border payments app where over 4 million individuals send and receive money in and between Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, the United States of America, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, and the United Kingdom, offers free local transfers and the lowest cross-border rates.

Chipper Cash is bridging the gap between Africa and the Diaspora, one transaction at a time. Every day, we “chip away” at the financial challenges that individuals in Africa and around the world face.

Sending and Receiving Money Using Chipper Cash

Simply refuse to pay transfer fees or travel to a bank or agent to transmit and receive money. Transfer funds between your accounts instantly and for free.
Get paid faster and with no fees!

Money Transfers with No Fees Only With Chipper Cash

Transfer funds between Chipper Cash and any bank or mobile money account for free!

Earn Cashback When You Buy Discounted Airtime and Data Bundles

When you buy cheap airtime, you’ll get 2 percent or more CashBack right away. Purchase Airtime for yourself or a friend, and even send it worldwide!

Pay Bills Instantly for Free With Chipper Cash

Pay bills instantly with no additional fees. Chipper Bill Pay is so simple that you might want to start paying your friends’ bills. Bills are inconvenient; Chipper is simple, easy, and free.

Earn money using Chipper Cash.

Earn money by referring Chipper to your friends and colleagues. They also receive a monetary incentive. There are no restrictions!

Pay Anyone / Get Paid Immediately Using Chipper Cash

Do you own a company and need to pay local and foreign suppliers? Chipper allows you to pay promptly and save money on transaction costs.

When looking for the ideal accessory online, Pay with Chipper and you’ll get your dream things without the nightmarish expenses.

Are you studying abroad and require tuition and pocket money from home? Chipper saves your family money and gives you the money right away.

Stay informed📡

Chipper is constantly expanding. 📣Keep updated on the latest features, deals and countries on social media:
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @chippercashapp
Contact us at: [email protected]

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