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Sermon Notes
all right tonight I’m going to try and

summarize everything let me just say

that I’ve departed from my normal

teaching I do on you’ve already got it

and so if you want to get that material

out there I’ve got a book study guide

CDs DVDs it will be a little different

than what I’ve shared here you guys just

kind of draw things out on me I’ve

taught things here that I don’t normally

teaching them so if you got that

teaching it would complement the things

that we’ve been talking about but how

many of you this will be your first

service that you’ve been through during

this series could I see your hand yeah a

bunch of you where were you we had a

full house if everybody have been here

but anyway real quickly I’ve just been

talking about how that there’s most

people have this paradigm a way of

looking at things that they think God

can do anything but he has done nothing

and so we have to beseech God and beg

God and just stay after him until God

moves but the truth is God has already

done everything and I use creation as an

example Adam and Eve when he created

them he had anticipated every need that

they had ever had he had already created

their food he’d already created their

irritably breathe I believe it’s the

same for the whole human race and

especially for us in Christ when you get

born again everything you will ever need

was placed inside of you in the new

birth you literally have the fullness of

the Godhead dwelling in you bodily

Colossians chapter 2 verses 9 and 10 of

his fullness of all we received John

chapter 1 verse 16 and on and on and on

week ago as Jesus is so are we in this

world first John chapter four verse 17

and we could just go on and on and talk

about all of this so it’s already in

here it’s not a matter of getting God to

do something God’s done his part we have

to draw it out and you do this through

the renewing of your mind and learning

how the kingdom works last night I was

talking about that there are laws that

govern how God moves and people are

ignorant of this and so they pray and

then if they don’t see what they’ve been

I earned they get offended like God why

didn’t you heal this person why didn’t

you change this situation your God if

you wanted to you could do this but God

established spiritual laws the same way

that he’s established physical laws and

God doesn’t just violate these things

you have to learn how to operate within

them and in a sense we control the power

of God it’s not our power it’s God’s

power but it’s at our control Psalms 40

imeem isaiah 45:11 concerning the works

of my hands command G me that’s not

saying that we’re saying God I command

you to do this

no but God’s already put this power

within us and we have to take it and

command it you have to command the devil

to leave you alone you have to resist

the devil and get him to flee from you

and yet most people are just going to

God as a beggar ask you know God would

you please do this because I can do

nothing and you’re right there in

unbelief because the truth is you can do

all things through Christ so anyway

these are the things that we’ve talked

about I want to cover a number of things

tonight and I want to try and hurry

through this but let me start over here

in Ephesians chapter 2 and in verse 8

this is a familiar passage of scripture

to a lot of people but it says for by

grace are you saved through faith and

that not of yourselves it is a gift of

God not of works lest any man should

boast and there’s a couple of ways that

you can take that verse and interpret it

and I think both of them are accurate

according to scripture some most people

I think would say that that salvation is

not of yourselves you can’t save

yourself by grace are you saved through

faith and that salvation is not of

yourselves it’s a gift of God not of

works lest any man should boast and

that’s accurate but I believe that you

could also say that that faith that

you’re saved by is not of yourselves it

is a gift of God and the reason I’m

trying to make this point is to say that

you know all of the things I’ve been

teaching faith is the answer this is how

you release all of this is through faith

but then the devil will come in and say

oh you have faith is the

problem is you just don’t have any of it

and so the people are sitting there

basically letting the things that God

has promised us go because we say well I

know faith works but I just don’t have

any of it but Ephesians 2:8 says you

were saved by grace through faith and

that faith was not of yourselves it was

the gift of God you were given faith at

salvation and again you know I’m going

to say some things that I’m not going to

take time to explain so praise God

makkal straighten all this out when I’m

gone but I don’t believe that you get

baby faith and then your faith grows

your faith was given to you full you got

the full measure of faith again I’m

trying not to teach on this because this

is one of I teach on this sometimes for

up to two hours but Romans chapter 12

verse 3 says that we’re supposed to

think soberly according as God hath

dealt to every man and it’s obvious by

the context it’s not every person in the

world but every born-again person the

measure of faith not a measure of faith

but the measure of faith now if you have

the reverse standard version it may say

a measure of faith but the King James

the one that Paul used says you were

given the measure of faith and you know

if we had a soup line or something and

if you were coming by and if I had a big

old ladle that I used for some people

and dipped it out and then other people

I used a tea spoon and other people a

tablespoon and other people and I had

dropper or something those would be

different measures and everybody would

get different amounts but if I had just

one measure that means everybody gets

the same amount you are given the same

amount of faith as everybody else second

Peter chapter one verse one Peter said

Peter an apostle for them who have

obtained not could obtain should obtain

are in the process of the teaming but he

said you have obtained like precious

faith with us and that word like

precious faith is talking about

identical faith you got the identical

faith that Peter had and then Paul said

in Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with

Christ nevertheless I live yet not i but

Christ liveth in me and the life the

life that I now live in the flesh I live

by the faith of the Son of God he did

not say faith in the Son of God but the

faith of the Son of God and verse 16 in

that same chapter makes that same point

that we are saved by the faith of Jesus

so anyway without me going into a lot of

explanation when you got born again you

were given supernatural faith not in

just a small amount your faith is

perfect in your spirit your spirit isn’t

growing it’s your soul that is growing

and it’s understanding and in its

ability to appropriate and use what’s

already in your spirit but as first John

chapter 4 verse 17 says as Jesus is how

do you think Jesus is right now he’s

perfect he’s not growing he’s not a baby

he’s complete as Jesus is so are we in

this world not in the one to come but in

this world how do you understand the

verse like that people go looking a

mirror and they think this is like Jesus

no and then they search their mind this

is like Jesus no but in your spirit the

part of you that was

one again you are identical to Jesus and

you aren’t identical in the sense that

you’re a baby and you’re growing know

you as Jesus is that’s exactly the way

you are in your spirit right now so my

point in saying all of this is to say

that when you got born again you were

given supernatural faith you do not have

a faith problem you got a knowledge

problem you don’t know how to you first

of all we don’t know what we’ve got the

average Christian will sit there and say

oh yeah faith works but I just don’t

have any old God please give me more

faith and right there see you’ve already

defeated yourself because you aren’t

understanding and utilizing what you’ve

got Philemon chapter one verse six Paul

prayed a prayer for Philemon and he says

I pray that the communication of your

faith would become effectual by the

acknowledging of every good thing which

is in you in Christ Jesus he didn’t pray

that you’d get more faith that your God

to do something new he’s praying that

you’d get a revelation of what you’ve

already got your faith against the work

when you understand what you already

have and the body of Christ as a whole

has been ignorant of what they have they

believe it’s out there that they

couldn’t get it that God could do

something but they don’t see that we’ve

already got everything in our spirit and

you’ve even already got all of the faith

that you’ll ever need you got the same

faith that Paul had because there’s only

one measure and he had the faith of the

Son of God Peter said you had like

precious faith with him and his faith

was enough that he could walk by his

shadow touch people and they’d get

healed he saw Dorcas raised from the

dead every person in here if you’re born

again have raising from the dead power

you have enough power that your shadow

could heal people if you would believe

if you would just release and utilize

what you’ve got the problem isn’t faith

we’ve got faith the problem is our lack

of understanding faith is based on

knowledge second Peter chapter one right

I quoted verse one already and then

verse three says a core

as his divine power has given unto us

all things that pertain unto life and

godliness through the knowledge of him

everything that you need it says all

things that includes healing that

includes prosperity that includes joy

peace wisdom leadership anything that

you need all things are given unto us

through the knowledge of him that has

called us to glory and virtue and in

verse 4 says and through this knowledge

are given unto us exceeding great and

precious promises that’s talking about

the Bible

the word is the knowledge of God and so

we’ve got everything but you’ve got to

have the faith to draw it out and even

the faith that it needs is already in

there it just has to be your mind has to

be renewed so that you can draw all of

this out so all of that being said now

look over in Matthew chapter 17 and I

want to show you something here that

this God has really used this big time

in my life

major revelation Matthew chapter 17 is

where Jesus took James Peter James and

John and they went up to a mountain and

he actually radiated light God appeared

an audible voice came and all of these

things so they were up on the Mount of

Transfiguration and when they came down

from the mountain verse 14 Matthew 17 14

says and when they were come to the

multitude there came to him a certain

man kneeling down to him and saying lord

have mercy on my son for his lunatic and

the King James here is you know this is

a little strange but as you can go

through this and also read in mark

chapter 9 and in Luke chapter 9 this was

some type of a sickness that caused

seizures and stuff most people think

it’s something like epilepsy and he says

he is lunatic and sore vex for

oftentimes he falleth into the fire and

oft into the water and I brought him to

thy disciples and they could not cure

him did you know that this is typical

today today if a person with sickness


to the average church not this church

but if you go to the average Church and

if you were given a death sentence or if

you had seizures or if you had some kind

of a physical thing and you went to the

average pastor and says you know I’ve

got this problem would you please help


the average pastor and say well what do

you want me to do have you been to the

doctor have you tried this medication I

guarantee you most churches would be

offended that people looked to God for

healing we basically let that go praise

God this church believes in heal we’ve

seen people healed this week we’ve seen

good things happen but look at Jesus

response here in verse 17 when his

disciples couldn’t cast this demon out

in verse 17 then jesus answered and said

o faithless and perverse generation how

long shall I be with you how long shall

I suffer you bring him hither to me how

did Jesus respond to his disciples

inability he said you faithless and

perverse generation you didn’t please

him and based on this I don’t believe it

pleases God with the church as a general

rule has not been meeting the needs of

people and brothers and sisters this is

one reason that our society is going the

direction it’s going because people

don’t see the relevance of the church to

their everyday life the church has

basically retreated to the position that

all we’re for is to get people born

again so they don’t they won’t go to

hell and that’s that’s important and I’m

certainly not against that but that is

such a cheapening of the gospel because

the Lord provided for your healing of

your body for your emotional well-being

for your finances everything God deals

with everything better than any social

system that we’ve got but the average

person they go to the church in if they

said oh I’m sick they say we’ll go to

the doctor well I’m struggling with

depression go try this medication go to

the psychiatrist

we need money well have you tried this

program have you applied for food

have you done this the church has

basically advocated all of these areas

how did Jesus respond he said you’re a

firt faithless and perverse generation

he wasn’t pleased with him I don’t

believe he’s pleased with the church’s

inability today and because the

unbelievers can’t see that we have

anything to offer them in this this

physical life they basically don’t see

the importance of church they see Church

is something that you do for eternity

and again it is true that there is a

heaven that gain and a hell to lose and

if that’s all we had to preach it would

be worth it but there is so much more

and people aren’t you know they should

be thinking about eternity but they

aren’t they’re trying to just muddle

through this week this day they’re

trying to figure out how am I going to

keep this marriage together how am I

going to balance everything I’m doing

and all of this and they’re so focused

on their physical present temporal needs

and the churches basically said we don’t

meet those it’s only about spiritual

stuff that we are the ones that have

listened to our influence and man we

need to change that that’s the reason

when you find a church like this that is

preaching the full gospel and telling

people that may God want you well he

wants you prosperous and God has a plan

for you well we need to get in and

support that and be a part of it because

this is this is the way the Lord

intended it to be so he wasn’t pleased

with their inability to minister and let

me let me just turn out keep your finger

here Matthew 17 but let’s turn over to

mark chapter 9 because Mark chapter 9

also records this same instance and it

gives different details Matthew 17 gives

more of the details about this that I’m

wanting to use tonight but in mark

chapter 9 this same story is recorded

and let me just start with verse 19

jesus answered and said old faithless

generation how long shall I be with you

how long shall I suffer you bring him

hither to me and they brought him unto


and when he saw him straightway the

spirit tear him and he fell on the

ground any wallet foaming well there are

a lot of really great things here I

haven’t got time to go into all of this

but you know what when things look like

they’re going bad that’s really good

the devil has been exposed and hits his

last stand and he’s just trying to

instill fear in you or something so

you’ll back down man when I pray for

people and the pain gets worse

I said that’s awesome we flushed the

devil out in the open he’s on his way

out and stuff and so any way that you

see this it looked like it got worse he

fell down and foamed and in verse 21 he

asked his father how long is it ago

since this came unto Him you know why

this was important it’s not that it’s

hard to get a person healed getting a

person healed is not hard but once

you’ve had something for a long time it

not only gets into your body it gets

into your mind and into your emotions

you think sick you plan sick there are

people that have had allergies their

whole life and you just plan on certain

times of the year when the pollen is up

when this happens and stuff you plan on

things happening when the weather

changes some people have had it just

ingrained in them that they’re going to

start having pains and once you get that

into your mind once you start dreaming

sick that’s tough it’s easy to get the

sickness out of your body but if this

sickness is in your mind and in your

emotions it’s a problem so I believe

that that’s why Jesus asked this

question and he said of a child and

oftentimes off times it hath cast him

into the fire and into the waters to

destroy him but if thou canst do

anything have compassion on us and help

us now this man when he first brought

his son to the disciples he was full of

faith that’s the reason he came you got

to remember that when people came to

Jesus they got kicked out of the

synagogue you can read that in John

chapter 9 you suffered for being

associated with Jesus in that Society so

this man had enough faith that he was

willing to suffer some ridicule possibly

being put out of the synagogue he had

faith but after the disciples weren’t

able to meet the need his faith had

begun to waver and he said here to Jesus

if you can do anything have mercy on us

he was beginning to falter in his faith

and I talked about this the other night

when I was talking about Elijah and how

Elijah would not accept the total

responsibility for meeting the needs of

this widow in 2nd Kings chapter 4 he

said what do you have and we talked

about that on Monday night well Jesus

here is doing the exact same thing he

turned around you know most people would

think well you know Jesus he’ll just do

everything for you he turned right

around to this man he said if you can

believe all things are possible to him

that believes Jesus did not take total

responsibility for this healing he put

it back on this man you have to believe

there’s a great message in that in verse

24 it says straightway the father of the

child cried out and said with tears lord

I believe help thou my unbelief did you

know he would be criticized by a lot of

people and this is the main thing that

I’m wanting to get to let’s turn back to

Matthew 17 that most people think that

you either believe or doubt but that you

can’t do both this man said I believe

that I’m struggling with unbelief Jesus

didn’t rebuke him Jesus didn’t say

that’s not right you either believe or

don’t believe if there’s any doubt in

you then you don’t have any faith that’s

not true you can turn to another example

in the fifth chapter of Mark we were

there last night talking about the woman

with the issue of the blood and right

after this woman was healed of the issue

of blood Jay Iris’s servant came to him

said don’t trouble the master anymore

the little girl is dead and when Jesus

heard it he turned in he says fear not

only believe why would he tell a person

to only believe if you either believe or

doubt it’s because you can believe and

doubt at the same time this is a new

wrinkle in most people’s brains they’ve

never thought of this but keep all of

this in mind and now let’s go back to

Matthew 17 and look at this in

verse 18 it says Jesus rebuked the devil

and he departed out of him and the child

was cured from that very hour and in

verse 19 then came the disciples to

Jesus apart and said why could not we

cast him out

did you know anytime you go to preaching

that God’s already done it that God’s

already blessed us by His stripes we

were healed that it’s the done deal and

you start preaching victory in every

area of your life

I can guarantee you somebody is going to

fail in appropriating this and when they

do the question will always come up why

isn’t everybody healed why doesn’t this

happen and it just stops most people

they can’t deal with that and rather

than deal with the fact that you know

there’s reasons and stuff they just

begin to back off

I was with Oral Roberts just a couple of

months before he died I was with a group

of about 20 preachers or so that we’re

in his home and we got to ask him

questions and one of the questions was

something about this about you know why

isn’t every single person healed every

time and boy Oral Roberts just gave some

awesome awesome answers on that but he

said that that was the biggest question

the biggest problem that he ever had

that it was so bad because he would see

people come and leave the same as they

came in that he started to just quit

praying for people but then the Lord

spoke to me at oral he says if you quit

praying for him says you may not see

everybody healed but then the people you

are seeing heal won’t be healed if you

quit praying says you just got to go on

and I specifically asked oral if he’d

lay hands on Jamie and me and pray that

we would see more healings manifest and

he says I can’t do it and I said why not

he said because you’re a pastor he says

it won’t work for you and I said I’m not

a pastor I have a television radio

ministry and stuff and I don’t pass he

says oh then I can pray for you and he

laid hands on me and prayed and you know

I really believe that we’ve we’ve seen

an increase of miracles and some of you

think of why wouldn’t that work for a

pastor you know what the reason is

because if you go to preach and his gods

will deal everybody somebody’s not going

to manifest it and you’re going to have

to deal with why wasn’t this person

healed and rather than just stand on

what the word says and even if it cuts

somebody and makes it look like it

wasn’t God’s fault it’s going to be most

ministers and again I’m not saying this

about Mac and linear an exception to the

rule but most ministers will back off

and say well maybe God doesn’t heal

every time maybe it’s God trying to

teach you something you will compromise

the word because you have to deal with

why isn’t everybody an evangelist like

me or a traveling teacher you go in and

preach the word and pray for people and

leave and you don’t have to deal with

the consequences and that’s why Torah

was talking about I don’t know if you

appreciate that but that’s a big deal

it’s a big deal when you have to sit

there and you’ve already prayed for

somebody and you prayed for multiple

times and you don’t see something come

to pass most people will be more moved

by their circumstances than they are by

the word most people will go by what

they see over what the Word of God says

most people do not let the Bible get in

the way of what they believe they

believe this and I don’t care what the

Bible says this is what I believe and

that’s just the way that most people are

and because of that there’s a problem

these disciples says why couldn’t we

cast him out and what was the answer to

that look at this in the next verse

Jesus sent unto them because of your

unbelief now if you’re reading the

nearly inspired version

it says it’s because of your little

faith but that is not right

matter of fact the nearly are not

inspired version leaves out the 21st

verse it’s not even in the Bible they

just took it out they didn’t like that

one I’m not against it if that’s what

you read read it but I’m saying that

this the very context of this makes it

clear that it’s not little faith and

that you needed more faith because look

at the context of it he says it’s

because of your unbelief for verily I

say unto you if you have faith as a

grain of mustard seed ye shall say unto

this mountain be thou removed and be

thou ow’st I was quoting mark 11 but

anyway remove hence to yonder place and

it shall remove and nothing shall be

impossible unto you so the very context

of it he says if your faith is just like

a grain of mustard seed I don’t know if

you’ve ever seen a grain of mustard seed

but it’s tiny it’s like those sesame

seeds that are on buns it’s about half

the size of one of those the point that

he’s making is he says you don’t need a

huge faith if your faith is only this


you could cast a mountain into the sea

so the context of it is saying that you

don’t need a lot of faith and so the NIV

the way it translates it because of your

little faith would be contrary to the

rest of this verse what Jesus was saying

is it’s not your faith that was the


it’s your unbelief that’s the problem

and again most people think well what’s

the deal if I’ve got unbelief I have no

faith again Jesus told the father of

this child Mark chapter 9 he says if you

can’t believe he says I believe it

helped my unbelief Jesus didn’t rebuke

him you went ahead and ministered to him

he told Jay iris he says believe only

you can believe and disbelieve at the

same time you know I’ve used this

example before that if I had a big wade

here I could hook a horse up to that

weight and exert enough power to drag

that way but if I had

force of an equal size and strength up

pulling in the opposite direction you

could put a lot of pressure on that

weight and it wouldn’t move because they

negate each other they cancel each other

out and this is what happens with our


you’ve got the faith of the Lord Jesus

Christ on the inside now most people

don’t even know that they aren’t using

it but there are some people who have

started using their faith and they know

they’ve got faith I’m struggling to keep

from preaching everything I know on this

man I got some great let me just give

one example that right after I saw my

first person raised from the dead man I

was fired up I was pumped like wow you

can see a person raised from the dead we

ought to be able to see anything happen

and I was preaching in Omaha Nebraska

and there was a man right down here on

my left that was in a wheelchair and I

could hardly wait for me to get through

preaching so I could go pray for this

guy I was going to see him come out of a

wheelchair so I went over and I prayed

over him and then I grabbed him by the

hand and I just yanked him out of that

wheelchair said walk in the name of

Jesus and this guy just came up like

this and went right over on his face and

he was a quadriplegic he couldn’t even

catch himself and he landed on his face

and just like you all are going oh

there’s all through the crowd there was

moans and groans

I was moaning and groaning and I got

down on my hands and knees and hugged

this guy and grabbed him and put him

back in his wheelchair and said depart

in peace be warmed and filled and didn’t

give him what he needed and I went to

the hotel room saying God what’s wrong

when I see some people say well you just

didn’t believe give me a break

how many of you grabbed somebody out of

a wheelchair and yanked them out and

seeing them fall on their face I was

believing I expected to see this man

healed and see this is confusing because

some people will say well you that Pat

answer is if you don’t see something

happen it’s just because you didn’t

believe I think that’s too simplistic

and people who have believed and have

seen miracles happen they say I know I

was believing they can compare with

other times when they did see the right

results and because of it it causes

confusion and if the only answer you

have as to why something doesn’t work is

just because you didn’t believe well

then you’re going to turn off a lot of

people who knew that they were believing

I knew I was believing when I pulled his

guy out of the wheelchair and yet I

didn’t see the right results and it was

probably four years later before I read

a Smith Wigglesworth book and Smith

Wigglesworth he used to see a lot of

miracles happen and he would at his

meetings he says the very first person

who comes up here on the stage you’ll be

healed of whatever you have and that was

his custom and so people knew it was

coming in anyway because he did that

these two ladies brought a friend who

was an elderly lady she had a cancer

that made it look like she was nine

months pregnant she had this huge

abdominal tumor and stuff and they

grabbed her and put her on the state she

was the first one up there and she was

so weak she couldn’t stand on her own

and so Smith he just looked at her and

he said let her go

and they said we can’t let her go she

can’t stand on her own and he held her I

said let her go

so they let her go and this woman fell

over on that tumor and everybody in the

crowd moaned and groaned just like they

did when

pulled this guy out of the wheelchair

but you know what the difference was

Smith he didn’t get down and oh I’m

sorry I apologized and start empathizing

and sympathizing he just said pick her

up so they picked her up and she was

standing in front of him again he said

let her go and they said we can’t let

her go in he yell let her go and they

let her go and she fell on the tumour

again so he said pick her up and so the

third time he said let her go

and they said we will not let her go and

he said I said let her go and they

wouldn’t do it and finally a man in the

crowd stood up and he said you Beast

leave that poor woman alone and he

yelled at the guy he says you mind your


I know my business and he said you let

her go and they let her go in that tumor

fell out on the stage and she walked out

here and did you know when I read that I

thought Smith Wigglesworth didn’t have

one ounce more faith than I had you know

what the difference was he had less

unbelief when something didn’t go right

I was thinking about water people

thinking about me I’ve embarrassed this

person I’ve hurt this person jesus said

in John chapter 5 verse 44 how can you

believe which receive honor one of

another and seek not the honour that

comes from God alone if you are worried

about people’s opinion if you are

worried what people think about you you

cannot operate in all of the faith that

God has given you that’s the fear of man

brings a snare proverbs chapter 29 verse

25 and I was moved by people’s opinion

and I was moved by a parent opposite

results you know what that was I had

faith but I had unbelief that negated it

and brothers and sisters this is where

the vast majority of Christians are

especially those of you that have been

sitting under the word and have learned

things you’ve got faith and you’ve seen

your faith work at times but you also

have unbelief

fearful about what people are going to

say I had a woman in eskalene Texas that

had three huge tumors on her one was on

the back of her neck shoulder right here

one was on her side and one was on the

inside of a leg and these tumors were

six or seven inches across

they were blood vessels were exposed she

was spurting blood and the doctors had

done everything they could and they sent

her home to die in anyway they sent me

over to talk to her I talked to this

woman I spent a couple hours trying to

encourage her and she says all right I’m

ready pray for me and I said no I’m not

going to pray for you I said if you

really believe do something faith

without works is dead I said come over

to a Bible study that I’m holding

tonight and they said we can’t even get

out of the house and I said if they told

you that there was a treatment in

Amarillo that would get you cured you’d

rent an ambulance if you had to I said

if you have any faith come to the Bible

study and you’ll get healed so anyway

this woman showed up at the Bible study

they borrowed a what do you call it a

station wagon and put a mattress in the

back and brought her over and I prayed

for and in two days time those huge

tumors had shrunk to the size of a

quarter she had no problem she was up

walking around she felt so good that she

decided she’d go ahead and take a

doctor’s appointment that she had to

cancel it was like a month out because

she wasn’t going to live that long so

she went to this doctor and by the time

she got there they were just little tiny

things and he says he looked at her

reports and says I don’t know who told

you you had cancer but these are just

little skin blemishes and stuff says

there’s nothing wrong and so he cut them

off in the doctor’s office and but he

says just to be sure you need to do

chemotherapy so they put her through

chemotherapy and she nearly died she had

a reaction to it and spent two weeks in

intensive care and when she got home I

went over to see her and she was

convalescing from all of these

treatments and I told her I said you

know that jesus healed you you know it

was a miraculous thing why are you

letting the doctors do this chemotherapy

will kill a well person and she says

well my family wouldn’t understand they

think that I just need to do all of this

and I said you know what you aren’t

standing I said you’ve got faith you

believed in received but you are letting

the fear of what people will say about

you and all of this affect you and I

said it’s negating your faith and she

says I just couldn’t offend people what

would people think and so she went back

for the second round of treatment and

died and she was healthy

she was totally healed she had faith but

she also had unbelief and Satan used

that to negate her faith and I’m telling

you brothers and sisters this is where a

lot of us are missing it because you’ve

sat under the words you have faith and

you will see your faith work in certain

situations but then you will have

something come against you and we don’t

deal with unbeli people just assume that

if I’m having a problem what I need is

more faith you may not need any more

faith all it takes is a tiny bit of

faith and I’m seeing a bunch of people

raised from the dead and I’m not a faith

giant at all the way that it had I mean

God just set it up I’ve been praying

with this one guy for months he was

paralyzed and a long story but anyway

over the months he had gotten where he

was walking and he had gout and he was

able to do and he he was doing good he

was blind couldn’t see pictures on the

wall and he got to where he could see

over a period of three or four months

and I was getting up ready to start a

service I had to my catarrh on I was

going to lead the song service and his

son came to the door motioned for me and

I went over to see him and he grabbed me

and the guitar and everything just threw

me in his car

this is in a town of a hundred and

forty-four people so it didn’t take long

to get over to this guy’s house

thirty seconds and he wouldn’t say

anything but I knew something had to be

up with his dad I didn’t know how bad it

was and I just walked in and there was

the sheriff he was panicking you know

this small-town sheriff he had a

defibrillator and some other stuff but

he didn’t know how to use it and he was

fumbling wondering what he was going to

do and I walked in and saw him and I saw

this guy laying in a recliner and then

his wife was kneeling beside him and she


right and she says old God bringing back

from the dead and when she said that’s

first time I knew that he had died I

didn’t know I just thought he had

another pain or something if they would

have told me a minute before that he had

died probably from the church over to

this guy’s house would have been enough

time for me to doubt but God just set it

up I just walked in didn’t know what was

happening I heard her say that he was

dead and I said Everett come back into

that body and he just sat up and

everything was fine it was him that’s

all there was to it

it didn’t take great faith it was just

little unbelief if I had time I could go

through Abraham did you know Abraham

didn’t he didn’t have any more faith in

any of us have if Abraham somehow was

here tonight if he could have been just

translated here without going through

heaven for 4000 years but if he had just

been translated to here and it heard me

talk about these things Abraham had

b-flat of his face he never understood

all of the things of the gospel he

didn’t have a huge amount of faith but

you know what Abraham had virtually no

unbelief and you can read about this in

Romans chapter 4 he considered not his

own body now dead when he was about a

hundred years old neither yet the

deadness of Sarah’s womb he staggered

not at the promise of God through

unbelief but was strong in faith see

most people are trying to build faith

and yet they allow huge levels of

unbelief in their life and they just try

and build faith a little bit 11 wil 11

the whole lump it’s like if you had a

scale here and here’s a thermometer one

of these thermometer scales and if your

faith is down here Jesus said all it

takes is a tiny bit of faith and most

people say well I need to build my faith

and they need to get this huge faith but

over here is your unbelief scale most

people just let their unbelief scale be

way up here they are riddled with

unbelief we listen to unbelief we talk

to unbelief we use it for entertainment

we listen to things contrary and if you

have your unbelief level up here well

then you’re going to have to call the

prayer chain and get a

thousand people to agree and pool your

unbelief to over I mean your faith to

overcome this level of unbelief a

simpler way is just pull the plug on

unbelief and get your unbelief down to

where nothing and a little tiny amount

of faith isn’t enough to see a mountain

remove faith is potent but it can be

negated it can be canceled it can be

voided by unbelief if God was to tell

you that you were going to have a child

when you were a hundred years old first

of all most people would say I rebuked

that man name of Jesus amen but let’s

suppose that you’d been believing for

this for your whole life and you wanted

it if God told you you were going to

have a child when you were a hundred

years old most people would get on the

internet and say let’s see what’s the

oldest that a person is ever given birth

and then you’d go check your wife out

has menopause ever been reversed have

people ever you know and you’d go search

it and then you’d go get a test and

you’d test to see and you you accumulate

a mountain of unbelief no it can’t

happen it doesn’t happen the doctors are

saying you’re it’s way past time and

after you accumulate all of the unbelief

then you’d go back and say God are you

sure you say yes and then you’ll say all

right and then you say why is it so hard

to believe God because you got all this

unbelief over here all the stuff that

you considered it says Abraham

considered not his own body now dead

when he was about a hundred years old

neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s womb

he staggered not at the promise of God

through unbelief

it didn’t say he didn’t stagger because

he had this great faith no it was

through unbelief that that’s what causes

people to stagger so my point is see

most others say well I need to build my

faith but we have no sense of

responsibility about the unbelief that

comes to us you will listen to the

sewage of this world on a daily basis

paid big bucks to have it packed into

your house sit down and watch these

pundits that are saying everything

contrary to the Word of God and most of

us don’t even know

unbelief we just accept it a man ro me

they’ll tell you it’s flu season they

don’t tell you for those havi that are

believers you know it’s not flu season

jesus heals you all the time

they never put anything in balance

they’ll just say it’s flu season and

they’ll make you feel like an absolute

idiot if you don’t go get a shot

that’s unbelief there is no season that

the Word of God doesn’t work they’ll go

to telling you you know are you over 40

you better start watching it and they’ll

just speak unbelief and speak unbelief

and speak unbelief and we’ll sit there

and let this unbelief flow through us

and then when you have something happen

you’ll believe God and you’ll say I know

I’m in faith why aren’t I seeing it

happen because you got this huge

mountain of unbelief that you’ve

listened to for 20 30 40 years and it

may gates your faith if you are going to

be a strong person of faith if you are

going to see the faith of God work you

are going to have to live a different

lifestyle than what the average

Christian lives you know what I’ve

missed out on 48 years of American

culture we were talking about this a

little bit tonight I’m so naive on

certain things it’s embarrassing to me

sometimes but I’ve just been focused on

God and you know what I if you want to

play Trivial Pursuit I am NOT your men

we used to play Trivial Pursuit with my

in-laws and my sister-in-law

brother-in-law when they’d come over and

the boys would be against the girls and

we’d sit there and play two or three

hours and I just sit there and if it was

history or geography I know those things

but if it’s like you know this sports

team this music I just have missed 48

years of American culture

I was with creflo dollar last week and

he was singing some song talking about

Lou Rawls I think it was why me I don’t

know who Lou Rawls I don’t know anything

if it’s not in the Bible I don’t know it

and they were making fun on me and it’s

it’s somewhat embarrassing

we were playing Trivial Pursuit one time

and I just I just been sitting there

just like an odd on a log and I said I’m

gonna answer this next one I said father

I’m believing for a word of knowledge I

started talking on the Holy Ghost and so

I said I’ve got this next one and the

question came up what magazine debuted

April the 1st 1953 and God gave me a

word to college and I said playboy it’s

the only it’s the only question I

answered all that long

I knew when playboy debut

you know I’m not very good on these

stats about sports teams and stuff like

that I just don’t know that stuff but

you know I I don’t win many Trivial

Pursuit games and I’m not very good at

taking conversation my staff sent me on

a tour I mean on what do you call these

boats proves they send us on a cruise

and you have to you have to sit with

other people it was embarrassing

they gave little games and stuff to play

in one I’m is what’s your favorite drink

alcoholic drink they all went around

they got to me and I said well I’ve

never tasted alcohol in my life I’ve

never drank a beer oh yeah you’ve done

something I said I’ve never tasted a

beer in my life and it just ended it and

we all sat there in total silence and

then another night what’s the best thing

that ever happened to you and I’m

talking about my son being raised from

the dead and they all didn’t believe


after a while I’d sit down and everybody

in pickup but I just

I don’t know how to talk to anybody

about anything but the Lord and I’m not

saying this his way it has to be I’m

just saying that’s the way it is but you

know what I missed out on a lot I’ve

missed out on a lot of unbelief I don’t

even know how to disbelieve now I’m not

saying that perfectly but I’m saying I

don’t even know how to display there’s a

lot of things that you deal with that I

don’t even do because I don’t go there I

don’t listen to that stuff anytime I

hear something’s contrary to the Word of

God I’ll reject it Isaiah chapter 54

verse 17 says no weapon formed against

you will prosper and every tongue that

rises against you in judgment you shall

condemn this is the heritage of the

servants of the Lord and their

righteousness is of me thus saith the

Lord notice it says no weapon formed

against you’ll prosper and then the next

phrase and every tongue that rises

against you in judgment did you know

words are weapons death and life are in

the power of the tongue words have power

in them and I’ve learned it says every

tongue that rises against you in

judgment you shall condemn I’ve learned

that words are like seeds and if

somebody speaks unbelief over me or if I

hear something if I will condemn it

right then when I hear it that thing

never germinates it never releases

anything but if I don’t want to offend

somebody I would cause a scene and so I

don’t say anything and I wait until I

get home it’ll take me an hour or two

hours to reject that because it just

starts germinating immediately every

time you hear people talk about man

you’re over 50 you better be careful

this is going to happen this is genetic

you’re going to see this your great-aunt

died of this your uncle died of that and

they start speaking that and every time

you listen to this stuff it starts

sprouting and you got unbelief growing

in you and then you go to using your

faith and you say what’s the problem I

know I’m believing God what’s wrong it’s

because you got 20 30 years of unbelief

that you’ve entertained you got a crop

coming up and that unbelief is negated

your faith we don’t need to be

great huge people of faith Abraham was a

great man of little unbelief Abraham

didn’t sit home and watch as the stomach

turns on television he didn’t read all

of the magazines in the junk that we do

he didn’t listen to that I could be a

great man of faith if I didn’t have any

unbelief that was countering me you know

this isn’t popular most people don’t

like this but the land you’re taking

away my sport you’re taking away all of

this you know there’s nothing wrong with

any of that stuff you can do anything in

moderation but according to mark chapter

4 the cares of this life and other

things are choking the word we are

getting huge amounts of unbelief and

most of us are very very very

well-versed in all of the things of the

world you know all of the trash that’s

going on you can argue and gripe about

every political thing but you don’t know

what the word says and it’s a detriment

anyway I’ve got a whole teaching in

title hardness a heart that this is one

of the main teachings and at that

teaching on hardness art changed my

heart I’d encourage you to get it but

let me go on and read the next verse

which isn’t even listed in the NIV if

the problem isn’t the fact that we don’t

have faith these disciples had faith

they wouldn’t have even asked this

question why couldn’t we cast him out if

they’d have just said well we don’t

believe that you can cast out Devils the

very fact that they asked the question

showed that they did believe and that

they did speak and if you turn over to

Matthew chapter 10 he had already given

them power over all sickness over all

diseases over all demons they went out

and used it and they didn’t have this

question that we have wasn’t recorded so

they had even seen success in this area

but you know what I believe the problem

was in this instance it says over there

in mark chapter 9 that when they brought

the boy to Jesus he had a seizure fell

on the ground wallet and phone and I

believe that the disciples saw something

with their eyes that caused them to

doubt that this had happened and they

apparently may not have seen some of

these things but in this instance there

was a physical manifestation I don’t

know if you’ve ever been around the

person having a seizure

I remember when I was in high school we

had a choir and we were on risers

singing in an assembly and a girl right

in front of me on these risers we went

to church together she turned around and

looked at me and she started having a

seizure and did her tongue and passed

out in my arms and I guarantee it scared

the fire out of me if you’ve ever been

around a person that has a seizure and

stuff like this it’s a fearful thing and

when you see that it’ll make unbelief

rise up on the inside of you so how do

you get rid of this look at this in

verse 21 he says how big this kind goeth

not out but by prayer and fasting this

has been interpreted by most people is

talking about this kind of demon but if

you look at it in context the subject

was unbelief this isn’t saying that

there are certain demons that won’t

respond to faith in the name of Jesus

and you got to add to it fasting in

prayer if you ever meet a demon that

faith in Jesus isn’t enough and you got

a fast and pray to get rid of it you

might as well give it up if faith in

Jesus isn’t enough your fasting prayers

not going to change it fasting and

prayer does not affect demons and casts

certain demons out the problem was

unbelief and this kind of unbelief only

goes out through fasting and prayer so

obviously there are different kinds of


and this is just Andy ology I haven’t

got a verse that’ll show you this this

is just what I’ve encountered and the

way I’ve understood I’ve categorized

unbelief into three areas the first one

is what I call just ignorance or for

those of you that are more sensitive

it’s lack of knowledge

but God just tells me sometimes you’re

ignorant I understand that I’d rather

just somebody tell me what’s going on so

it was ignorance if you are ignorant

you’re going to have unbelief because

you don’t know you haven’t heard the

word on it and there’s just going to be

unbelief how do you overcome unbelief

that comes through ignorance you tell a

person the truth and once they learn the

truth faith comes by hearing hearing by

the Word of God and that kind of

unbelief can be overcome by just telling

a person the truth the second type of

unbelief is what I call disbelief it is

belief but it’s belief in the wrong

thing for instance I was raised in a

Baptist Church and taught that miracles

didn’t happen today that all miracle

things passed away with the Apostles

there weren’t apostles today I was

taught things but I was taught wrong

it’s like if I had a whiteboard up here

if there is nothing written on it well

then it would be fairly easy to write on

it and make my point but if the whole

thing was already written on I have to

erase it before I can write on if you

just have unbelief that comes through

ignorance well then just tell person the

truth and they can overcome that but if

they’ve been taught the wrong thing you

got to go in and erase this unbelief

this wrong teaching before you can teach

them the truth but the answer is still

the same the answer is just tell a

person the truth but there is a process

of renewing of the mind so those first

two types of unbelief are basically you

just get hold of the truth and the truth

will set you free from those but the

third type of unbelief that I’ve

classified is what I call natural

unbelief that when you pray for a person

and they fall down and it looks like

they died instead of God well you’re

going to just naturally think it didn’t

work there’s just natural unbelief you

pray for you know you got a pain and you

rebuke it and speak and if it doesn’t

leave you are naturally going to just

think nothing happened because you feel

you see something to the contrary it’s

just it’s not demonic it’s not wrong

teaching it’s just that our five senses

are telling us something

what we believe and you know what there

are times that you will have that happen

Jesus had this boy fall down and it

looked like things got worse so anyway

what do you do when you have just this

natural unbelief it’s not sinful it’s

not because you’ve been taught wrong

it’s just your eyes your ears your sense

knowledge is telling you that nothing

happened nothing is working according to

what God says how do you deal with that

fasting and prayer and here’s why

fasting in a prayer will affect this

natural form of unbelief because when

you fast your your desire for food is

probably one of your strongest senses

that you have people have killed for

food people have eaten other people for

food I mean and it you know it doesn’t

take very long to aggravate your sense

of hunger there’s a lot of people that

men I met you there’s people right in

here that have never fasted a day in

your life if you go until noon you start

getting headaches and weak and I’ve seen

people just they just can’t handle it

that’s one of the reasons fasting is so

important because when you deny your

flesh and you say man doesn’t live by

bread alone but by every word that

proceeds out of the mouth of God and so

you say I’m going to put all of my

attention all of my focus on God even to

the point that I’m not going to eat I

guarantee you your flesh if there is

carnality in you if you have been

listening to unbelief if you are waving

your flesh will rebel at that big time

and it doesn’t take long a few hours and

I guarantee you you can flush your flesh

to the surface

a lot of people when they fast they

think oh it’s going to be a glorious

experience you could read Isaiah chapter

58 a fast is not intended to be a

glorious experience it’s a day to

humiliate yourself and it actually makes

you worse when you fast and you get

irritable and you get short-tempered and

things but that’s it’s working it got

all of this junk that you’ve been

suppressing and hiding down there and

not dealing with it will flush your

carnality to the surface and I guarantee

you if you get weak and upset and you

just don’t know if you can make it until

sundown it’s just showing you how you

are being dominated and controlled by

your flesh did you know you do not die

after one day of fasting the medical

profession will actually say it’s better

for you to fast one day a week it

actually cleanses your body of toxins

and things you’re better off you don’t

physically begin to die from a fast

until 40 days that’s the reason it was

so significant that Jesus on the 40th

day Satan came to him because by that

time it was beyond hunger until the 40th

day now there’s some balance to this

because you can it depends how you’re

acting and what you’re doing and stuff

like that but as a general rule until

the 40th day you aren’t dying

it’s your appetite it’s your flesh and

when you sit there and say man the

problem is I know I’ve got faith but my

flesh my senses are exercising too much

control on me

and so senses I’m going too fast I’m

going to deny you I’m going to reject

this hunger and I’m going to put God

first and I’m renouncing all of this and

I’m putting God first when you do that

your flesh will rebel and say I’m dying

and you’ll say all right we’re going to

go an extra day and your flesh will say

an extra day I’ll be dead for sure and

say all right two extra days and you

know what your flesh will eventually say

I better shut up if I’m going to survive

this I’ll submit and it depends again

how often you fast but you know if you

fast on a regular basis you can get to

where in a days

you have just shut your flesh down and

it’s not rebelling at you if you haven’t

done it before it could take two or

three days but usually within two or

three days you can get to a place where

you aren’t hungry anymore and it doesn’t

bother you I know some of you thinking

this is weird that’s because you had

never fasted but if you will fast you

can actually get your flesh to where it

isn’t controlling you and then when you

say body in the name of Jesus you’re

healed and your body says well I still

hurt all you got to do is say you know

your body if you fasted and if you’ve

denied it your body will say oh this

must be one of those things like a fast

you know and it doesn’t matter what I

feel and stuff but if you haven’t ever

done that your body you’ll sit there and

say body in the name of Jesus paying you

leave and your body will say who are you

to tell me anything I tell you what to

eat when to eat how much to eat you

hadn’t given me any commands in years

and they’ll just rebel I don’t care what

you say

here’s what I feel and you will your

feelings will negate your faith and see

prayer is the same thing because when

you’re praying you’re talking to a

person that you can’t see you’re hearing

things that you can’t hear and then

you’re acting on things that you didn’t

see and your flesh your sense knowledge

this is just crazy your carnal self will

say what good is any of this but you

know if you pray and if you do a lot of

praying God will speak things to you and

then as you act on it you can see it

like you know I could just give you a

million examples but I’ve seen God come

through I’ve seen God’s supply I’ve seen

my son raised from the dead my wife

raised from the dead I’ve seen multiple

people raised from the dead I’ve seen

blind eyes open deaf ears open I’ve seen

God’s supply needs and I’ve done all of

these things and over a while it says in

Hebrews chapter five verse 14 that

strongly belongs to those who by reason

of use have their senses

that’s the mat your physical senses X

sighs to discern both good and evil your

feelings aren’t necessarily evil they’re

just feelings and they’ve got to be

trained if you don’t train them they’ll

be spoiled they’ll dominate you and

control you but if you were praying fast

you will your senses will say oh well I

didn’t feel a thing but he said God

spoke to him and look at this it worked

man we saw a person raised from the dead

we saw this money coming we saw this

happen over a period of time you can

train your senses to where you have a

sixth sense

I believe God created man with six

senses not five and the sixth sense was

faith they used to walk by faith faith

was more real to them than what they

could see taste hear smell or feel but

when they sinned their spiritual eyes

closed their physical eyes became

dominant never since then people have

been controlled by their senses but now

it says in second Corinthians 5:7 we

walk by faith and not by sight we should

go back to the way God intended us to be

to where spiritual things are more real

to us than physical things and so when

God tells you that you’re healed man you

read it in here and even though you

can’t see it or feel it this has more

influence on you than what you feel but

it’s not going to happen if you don’t

fast and pray if you don’t deny your

flesh and focus on God and operate in

the supernatural realm so this is how

you break the dominion of that flesh

it’s how you get to where what you

believe is more real than what people

tell you I was telling Mack and Lind

this so it’s fresh on my memory but we

were talking about this in the green

room but we were talking about going to

the doctor and the only time I’ve gone

to the doctor in the last 48 years is

when my board made me go get a physical

so I could take out a insurance policy

they wanted to take out an insurance

policy on me so anyway I went to this

doctor and long story but I witnessed to

this doctor and told him about my son

being raised from the dead it just

happened and man I was witnessing to

them it was awesome and then they wanted

me to do this EKG test on a treadmill

and they

wanted to shave my chest and put these

things on I said this is virgin hair

it’s never been touched I said you can’t

shave my chest so anyway they put those

things on me without shaving my chest

and when I got to the 12-minute mark I

was running and I was beginning to sweat

and those things started falling off so

the nurse was holding – the doctor was

holding – and I was holding – and still

running in anyway the tests got over

with and you know I was fine as far as I

could tell and then the doctor started

looking through the thing and around the

12 minute part which I believe that it

was because I was sweating and these

things were falling off but anyway he

started grunting and looking at this and

saying oh and shaking his head you know

and doing all of this stuff and then he

wrote something down on this piece of

paper he says this is a friend of mine I

won’t you don’t you go back to the

office he goes straight over there we’re

going to do tests we’re going to put you

in the hospital and we may do open-heart

surgery on you before the day is over

and you know why I just looked at that

for a second and I thought said I just

looked at him I said that’s a lie

he said I don’t believe this and he just

looked shocked I guess he wasn’t used to

people telling him he was lying and I

say that’s a lie said there’s nothing

wrong with me and he just you know he

took offense at it and I said you look

at that and tell me that that says that

I have something wrong and he says well

he showed me this thing and he says you

were one hundredth of one percent raw in

one place and he says everybody’s hearts

a little bit different you might be

perfectly all right I just think we

ought to go get more tests I say that’s

not what you told me you told me that I

had a serious problem that you might do

open-heart surgery I said you lied to me

and I got on this guy’s case and I said

man it made me angry

and this doctor just tore up this piece

of paper and throw it in trash and said


and he kicked me out of his office and

he flunked me on the test so anyway I’ve

got a doctor that’s a leading surgeon in

Shreveport and I went down there and he

did a nuclear stress test where they put

this dye in and do it and anyway they

said I have the heart of a 17 year old

it was okay there wasn’t a problem but

my point is and they told me they said

don’t ever take one of those stress

tests they’re wrong as often as they’re


never let a person tell you based

something on little stress death my

daddy in law had a stress test and they

told him that he was going to die and

they said because he was in his 70s just

go home and die there’s no point in even

doing anything and his wife just cried

and men for about a week they went

through things and we said go get a

second opinion they went got a second

opinion there was nothing wrong with it

I bet yours people in here that man you

just take the word of a doctor and

immediately unbelief comes because

you’ve heard this but you know what I

just and I’m not saying I’m doing

everything right but I’m saying I spent

enough time in the word that you know

what when somebody tells me something

contrary to what I believe I just don’t

believe it I believe what the word says

and I know some of you think well you’re

weird well I think you’re weird to just

let to have God speak these awesome

things over you and all you got to do is

have somebody with a PhD behind their

name and boy you honor them more than

you honor the Word of God you know if

this is a typical group in here I bet

you that 80 to 90% of the people in a

spirit-filled tongue talk and Word of

Faith Church taking medicine on a

regular basis I’m not against medicine

if it wasn’t for medicine all the

Christians would be dead because they

haven’t been believing God but I’m

saying that you don’t you just you had

bought into this world system and it’s I

don’t think that’s good

and we listened to all of this and we

there are many people right now that I

can guarantee you think boy you are this

is not wise what you’re saying and yet a

generation ago did you know a generation

ago people didn’t go to the hospital for

a headache or a cold or the flu they

would get over it but nowadays man

there’s people they even ask you says

who’s your doctor and I think who has a


why would somebody have a doctor you

aren’t even sick and you got a doctor

what’s wrong a generation ago people

didn’t do that stuff and yet boy we just

bought into this stuff and anyway I know

I’ve probably really messed up some

people’s theology but I’m just saying

that we consider so many things against

the Word of God and then wonder why’s my

faith struggling because you got this

mountain of unbelief over here that

you’ve listened to and they tell you if

you have this if you have this it could

be this and people self-diagnose and we

just constantly are looking and

listening to the wrong things I’m

telling you you need to get to a place

where man God’s Word is absolute

authority you fast you pray you get to a

place that if your body doesn’t feel

like what God says it should tell your

body it’s wrong tell it to get in line


and I know somehow everything and man I

just don’t agree with that well you know

I’ve been in the last 44 45 years I’ve

been sick twice because of my own

stupidity just worked myself nearly to

death and I had to lay in bed for a day

or two but outside of 40 some years I’ve

never taken an aspirin I don’t take any

medicine I don’t do anything I’ve walked

in health and until you get better

results than I do maybe you ought to

consider that there’s a better way amen

and this applies to everything I’ve been

using healing because it’s obvious but

it applies to finances we’ve been taught

that we’re supposed to use this world

system we’re supposed to be going in

debt we just do all of this stuff

contrary to what God’s Word says and we

operate in fear and any way I could just

make applications to every single area

of our life and I’m telling you brothers

and sisters most of you in this place to

be out here on a Wednesday night you do

not have a faith problem you’ve got the

supernatural faith to God you’ve got

enough faith to see the dead raised if

you didn’t doubt doubt is the problem

unbelief is the problem and faith comes

by hearing hearing by the Word of God

unbelief comes by hearing anything

contrary to the Word of God and if you

would cut off the sources of unbelief

that Satan is using in your life you’d

find out that your faith would just

naturally work you would see so much

more happen when you really consider

what the Word of God says you look at

people like Abraham and others who

really saw the supernatural power God

and you compare their lifestyle against

our lifestyle

I’m surprised if we see as many miracles

as we do this generation of believers is

probably more in tune with the carnal

natural world around them than any group

of believers that have ever walked on

this planet we hear more doubt and

unbelief we hear more things that

counter our faith and your parents

grandparents ever thought about they

lived in a very small world but now we

get the problems of the entire world

delivered to our doorstep live instantly

we can we can obsess back you know a

generation or two ago it took two or

three weeks for bad news to get around

the world and by that time all of the

stuff that was trivial was over with and

people who are able to dismiss it but

now we’re able to worry about everything

in real time

you remember when the bird flu or the

avian flu came around I forget what did

we call it here avian flu in England was

called a bird flu and anyway I was over

there when they piled birds up poultry

as tall as this ceiling and Birnam and I

was over there when the mad cow disease

happen and stuff and people just

panicked and did all of this stuff and I

was in Scotland when the leading expert

in Britain was asked a question can this

mutate into a strain that could affect

people and he says oh there’s no

question about it it’s not a matter of

if it happens it’s just a matter of when

it happens and one third of the world

population will die through avian flu

that was the leading British expert and

I took it down when the date was and

listened and two years later I was back

in Scotland and I read an article that

in the two years since that he said they

said that there had been a total of I

think two or three people worldwide that

had died from avian flu it was a lie it

wasn’t true none of that was right and

yet the leading expert in all of the UK

said that and I can guarantee you

thousand probably millions of people

thousands of Christians immediately came

into fear and started having unbelief

because some person with a degree behind

his name said something and they started

dealing with it shouldn’t have ever even

been a question and yet I’m guarantee

there’s a lot of people that had fear

over that and then the mad cow disease

they did the same thing there was a guy

in Boulder Colorado that predicts all of

the Hurricanes and he has been

predicting since Hurricane Katrina I

think it will I forget all the names of

these he’s been predicting up to 20

major hurricanes per year and it has

been one of the quietest seasons that

we’ve had in the last few years there’s

been some that were I think there was

one year that there was only two named

storms and they didn’t even hit the US

and yet he’s been predicting over 20 May

your hurricanes devastation and there’s

a lot of people in here even they would

say well they’re just being cautious

they’re presenting worst-case scenarios

so that people be prepared that’s wrong

they’re prophesying in their false

prophecies and people say well it

doesn’t do any damage oh yes it does

your insurance rates go through the roof

they’re based on all of these prophecies

it’s caused people millions of dollars

it’s caused people a lot of fear there’s

people that will get up and move and do

all kinds of things because we just take

for granted all of this stuff I remember

back when the Berlin Wall was still up I

was in Hungary and I was talking to some

people that I was ministering in their

church and they had come to the u.s. and

I was asking them their opinion of the

US and they liked a lot of things about

it but I said so did you have any

problems with the US and he’s and they

said Americans are the most gullible

people that they had ever seen in their

life they said we don’t trust anything

our government or television says we

question everything and you go over

there and it fits on television or if

it’s on the internet they said man

everybody just believes it that is

absolutely true

man we are listening they don’t just

report the news they make the news we

had to scare at our business where that

somebody that was on a terrorist list

sent us a letter that had powder in it

when they opened it of course we

reported it the police came and shut all

of our employees down and had to go

through and check everything in anyway

the news media came out and all of our

people were shut up inside of our office

there wasn’t a single person that they

had talked to nothing but they were out

there and they were trying to make a

story and they came out with it’s a

disgruntled employee that we fired that

sent in this powder and did this and it

was a terrorist attack that already a

couple of people had died Oh No and none

of it was true it was all it was baking

powder there was nothing to it it was no

big deal but they reported it and they

never retracted so much of what you are

hearing is out and out lie and most of

us aren’t even smart enough to discern

it and even if you do why in the world

even listen to it why even have this

trash deposited on the inside of you in

the first place did you know if we go to

war somebody will tell you about it if

there’s a major earthquake you’ll hear

about it and then you can go check it

out and stuff we do not have to sit

there and every minute of every day just

be checking what’s happening what’s

happening it’s part of what happened to

Adam and Eve they wanted the knowledge

of good and evil they just wanted to

know more they were better off without

all that knowledge a good need Bible

says in Romans chapter 16 I’d have you

to be wise concerning that which is good

and simple concerning that which is evil

the words simple there’s a word we get

simpleton from I wish you were

when it comes to evil we are

just we are so well versed and evil we

know the potential man you will sit

there and explore if God doesn’t come

through what could happen and you will

explore every possible failure every

possible problem that could possibly

happen and then wonder why is my faith

not working because you got all of this

unbelief against it

hey man ro me

if what I’m saying is true which it is

then you know why there needs to be a

lifestyle change we need to get to where

we’re focused on the things of God and

if you do it your little mustard seed

amount of faith that you’ve got would be

more than enough to see the blind eyes

open deaf ears open I’ve seen great

miracles happen and I’m not a huge man

of faith I’m not anything special and I

can guarantee you any person in here

could do those things any person in here

you had the faith of the Son of God on

the inside of you you do not have a lack

of equipment you did not miss out on

anything you got everything that you

need matter of fact you got more than

you need more doubt and unbelief more

junk than what any of us need amen so I

encourage it praise God to pull the plug

on unbelief get away from it stick your

nose in the Bible start learning these

things and you’ll find out that you’ve

already got everything and that your

faith would go to working amen

praise God

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