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Break Out – Bishop Dale C. Bronner Sermons 2021

Source: Bishop Dale C. Bronner

Break Out – Bishop Dale C. Bronner Sermons 2021 , This is one of the bests sermons for the week , get it as free PDF , Audio and free MP3 Download once you make your request.


Take the limits off of God and take the limits off yourself. Quit telling yourself all the reasons you can’t accomplish your dreams, what you don’t have, and what you didn’t get.

It’s not going to happen just by your ability, your talent, your connections. It’s going to happen by the Spirit of the living God. He’s breathing on your life right now.

His favor is surrounding you in a greater way. There are breakthroughs already in route. Healing, promotion, contracts, the right people, they’re already headed your way. Now don’t talk yourself out of it. Receive the blessing.

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