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Charles Stanley Sermons 2021 (Sermon Notes) – Free MP3 Download + PDF , Note that somethings like Sermon Topics and Illustrations will also be shared.

List Of Top 5 Charles Stanley Sermons 2021:

Where Our Needs Are Met | Timeless Truths – Dr. Charles Stanley

Your Convictions About Money – Dr. Charles Stanley

At times, while waiting on a mighty move of God in our lives we have a tendency to get antsy and try to take matters into our own hands. But little do we realize that our hands aren’t qualified to produce in the magnitude God can, causing a delay in our promise. Remember God’s plans for us are great just as He promised but when we try to force things in hopes of expediting that promise we open ourselves up to disobedience which causes delay. If you ever want to get to the root of why haven’t things came to past yet look no further than to the last time we disobeyed God and tried forcing things as opposed to resting in Him. God doesn’t need any additional help being who He is, we must rest and continue being confident that if God promised it, it will come to past. Do not prolong your wilderness experience to years for a journey that should only be a matter of days. Rest, His best is on the way.

The Seven Habits of a Godly Life – Dr. Charles Stanley

When Things Seem Impossible | Timeless Truths – Dr. Charles Stanley

Hearing God’s Voice – Dr. Charles Stanley

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