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Convert an Image: How to Convert to PNG in 4 Easy Steps

Convert an Image: How to Convert to PNG in 4 Easy Steps

PNG, or portable network graphics, has been around for about 30 years. People continue to utilize this picture file for a number of purposes, including photography and graphic design.

But what if you have a picture in another format that you want to convert to PNG? What are the stages involved in converting a picture to PNG?


Convert an Image: How to Convert to PNG in 4 Easy Steps

That’s what we’re here to investigate today. Continue reading to learn how to convert various picture files to PNG.


What exactly is PNG?

PNG, or portable network graphics, is the word used to describe the high-resolution picture format. It is well-known for preserving the original image’s quality since it employs lossless compression.


PNGs have been around for decades because of their compatibility and adaptability, whether used for website creation, logo design, or photography. Let’s go through those advantages quickly:


PNG Advantages

The most significant advantage of choosing a PNG format is the previously mentioned lossless compression. When converting a picture to a PNG, your computer will not compress it.


There are also many transparent PNG pictures available.


Converting JPG to PNG

It’s actually fairly simple to convert a JPG to a PNG file. There are subtle variances in how to do this depending on whether you’re using Windows or Mac, so let’s go over the stages for each.


Utilizing Windows

On Windows, you may rapidly convert a JPG to a PNG with Microsoft Paint. Locate the JPG file to be converted, right-click it, and select “edit.”


It should take you to Paint, where you can simply pick “Files” and then “Save As.” Select PNG from the “Save as Type” selection.


Using the Mac

If you have a Mac, open your JPG file with the Preview software. Select “Save As” after clicking “File.” The PNG format should be available in the dropdown selection.


You’re finished after you select the PNG option. As with Windows, find the desired file location and you’ve converted your JPG to PNG in no time.


Alternative Techniques

You may not have the time to go through your computer for these apps, or you may want something more adaptable. Some default programs, for example, do not allow you to convert SVG to PNG files.


You may discover and download different apps to do this if you want to. A PNG creator is rather simple to obtain on the internet, but we recommend that you use that one for the best results.


The Simplest Way to Convert to PNG

If you want to convert a picture to PNG, it’s actually a lot easier than you may expect. Use this article to learn more about PNGs and how to convert your favorite picture files to PNGs.


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