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David Jeremiah Sermons 2021 – Sermon Notes (Free PDF + MP3 Download)

Source: David Jeremiah

David Jeremiah Sermons 2021 – Sermon Notes (Free PDF + MP3 Download) , This message will heal the heart of Many People and May God open doors for you.

List Of Top 5 David Jeremiah Sermons 2021:

Overcoming Anxiety with Peace | Dr. David Jeremiah

What on Earth is the Millennium? | David Jeremiah

Stay Centered | Dr. David Jeremiah

Overcoming Falsehood with Truth | Dr. David Jeremiah

Understand that the greatest prizes in life requires a little press in order to procure. Just because things don’t seem to be going quite your way doesn’t mean you’re not within an ear shot of opportunity knocking in your life. Realize that with every “no” there’s a “yes” waiting with your name on it, IF you don’t give up. Stop trying to force your way through walls when God’s preparing your door through patience and perseverance. Your wall is leading to a door that nobody can deny you from except you. Don’t allow impatience block you from one of the greatest blessings you ever seen. Trust God’s process and know that every wall marked with a no is directing you towards your BEST YES YET. All you have to do is press.

Is the Coronavirus in Bible Prophecy? | David Jeremiah

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