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Download Relationship Sermons – Free MP3 / MP4 Video

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Download Relationship Sermons – Free MP3 / MP4 Video


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Understand that God answers every prayer and sometimes that answer may not be what you prayed for however you must still be committed to seeing the conclusion.

Too many times we as believers throw tantrums because the answer to our prayer is at times “no” and God is wanting to see are you here for just one prayer or a real relationship? If you choose to stick around you’ll find that even with a “no” God still has a response better than you could ever imagined.

Be fixed in your faith that once you’re in His presence that you’re not leaving until He blesses you. Most of the time those blessings are more than what we originally asked because His abilities are exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything we could fathom.

Don’t miss your miracle complaining about “no”, instead be open to what God has in mind for you. It’s going to be BIG.

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