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I See It Now – Dr. Dharius Daniels Sermons 2021

Source: Dr. Dharius Daniels

I See It Now – Dr. Dharius Daniels Sermons 2021 , This sermon is all about revelations , it was delivered at Elevation Church , note that the Sermon Notes , PDF , Audio and MP3 Download is available.


Men and brethren, election into the house of God is a free and gracious gift of the Lord. A person is saved only because God chose that person to be His child.

You are born again to newness of life, not according to your will, but according to God’s will. I decree, whatever authority that has suppressed your success, whatever influence that has limited your advancement, today, receive fresh authority to overcome them, in Jesus’ mighty name. Go and show forth as the testimony of His power in Jesus’ name

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