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Joel Osteen Sermon Today – October 14 2020 (Podcast PDF)

Source: Joel Osteen Sermon Today

Read and Listen to Joel Osteen Sermon Today – October 14 2020 (Podcast PDF) , Below is the preaching ans talj from founder of Lakewood church , Huston Texas.

It’s Worth the Wait


When we’re in a waiting season, it’s easy to feel discouraged and impatient. But God is using the delay to prepare you for His favor. You can stay in faith, knowing that at the right time, He will deliver you to your breakthrough.

Joel Osteen Sermon Today
Joel Osteen Sermon Today


God will be your vindicator. God will make up for what you didn’t get. How you were raised, what was passed down, that does not have to keep you from becoming who you were created to be.


Joel Osteen Sermon Today – October 14 2020:

Maybe you’ve been praying, believing, being your best, but you don’t see anything changing.

You’re tempted to live stressed, but have a new perspective.

You’re in the waiting room.

You’re not missing out; you’re not falling behind.

You’re right where God wants you.

The promise is right on schedule.

Now, the key is to wait with a good attitude, not upset, complaining.

“Father, thank You that what You started You’re going to finish.

Thank You that what You promised is on the way.”


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