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Billy Graham - October 17 2020

Live Devotional Sermon: Billy Graham – October 18 2020

Source: Billy Graham

Live Devotional Sermon: Billy Graham – October 18 2020 , This is Today’s Live Watch Video Podcast , Watch and Share to remain blessed.

Billy Graham - October 17 2020
Billy Graham

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Race and inequality have been at the center of many conversations across the nation lately. Here’s how #BillyGraham once responded to a question on #racism that we can apply today:

“God created every human being, and God made every one of us in His image. Yes, sin has marred and defaced that image, but no matter what our ethnic or racial or cultural background may be, we are all God’s creatures.

“… Will racism ever be completely eliminated? Perhaps not; racism has its roots in human pride and sin, and these will never be completely erased until Christ comes again. But that shouldn’t keep us from reaching out and trying to eliminate the barriers that divide us. Yes, laws have a place—but most of all, our hearts need to be changed, and only God can do that. And He will, as we open our hearts and lives to Christ’s transforming love.”

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