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Moral Lessons From “Sermon On 5 Wise And 5 Foolish Virgins”

This sermon will lecture you on the importance of time and having it at the right time , Moral Lessons From “Sermon On 5 Wise And 5 Foolish Virgins” will keep you motivated.

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Summary “Sermon On 5 Wise And 5 Foolish Virgins”:


Whatever you are trying to achieve in life someone has been there before. Most people in Africa don’t have mentors because they feel nobody is qualified to mentor them that is why most of them are only celebrated when they die.

Having a mentor puts you under control because you have given your mentor the power to control you. No matter the issue in your life, when your mentor speaks, you listen and obey.

I have mentor and whatever he instruct me to do, I obey. Today, my success can be traced to how much I have followed his instructions.

Pray and ask God to open your spiritual eyes and choose a mentor that can help you in life. You can have a mentor in business, in ministry, or in a chosen career.

Don’t stop at having a mentor only, you must have people you are mentoring so that whatever you are thought, there is someone you are teaching. That is how to remain in check else you may fall when you have no one looking up to you. Get a mentor today.

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