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Riaan Swiegelaar

Biography Of Riaan Swiegelaar – Age , Net Worth , Wife

Biography Of Riaan Swiegelaar – Age , Net Worth , Wife – The co-founder of a Satanic movement in South Africa tells his personal tale of leaving Satanism when his heart was overcome by Jesus’ love.

Riaan Swiegelaar, a former preacher in the South African Satanic Church (SASC), resigned in May. On July 4, he took to Facebook to tell his testimony.

Riaan Swiegelaar
Riaan Swiegelaar

“I’m doing this live video because many individuals, over 100 on WhatsApp and over 200 on Facebook, have messaged me asking why I left the South African Satanic Church and why I turned my back on Satanism,” Swiegelaar explained. “To be honest, I figured I’d sneak out the back door quietly, and I didn’t expect people would be this interested in why I’m doing what I’m doing,” he added. I’ll speak from personal experience. “I’m going to discuss my options.”

Swiegelaar expressed a desire to address individuals from a “personal space yet with an open heart.”

“I truly feel like it’s time for more people to start talking, speaking their truth, and I’m absolutely pushing people to do that as well by making this video,” he said.

Swiegelaar, who was in Christian ministry before becoming an atheist 20 years ago, recalls what brought him to Satanism four years ago.

“I became connected with Satanism because it resonated with me at the time, when I was really shattered and depressed.” I believe that many people are drawn to Satanism because they come from a damaged place. I’ve met thousands of Satanists in the last three years, and I’m not saying their motives are terrible; they’re just terribly damaged and sad… that’s the one thing we all have in common,” he remarked.

Swiegelaar, holding back tears, revealed that he became anti-Satanism after lately experiencing pure Christian love.

“I’ve never felt unconditional love in my entire life, and only four Christians in my entire life have showed me what unconditional love is.” I’d want to thank those four individuals. “Words cannot explain how grateful I am to you,” he remarked.

“To love someone is everything.” It is not an easy task. You have demonstrated everything to me. You have demonstrated Christ’s love to me. “I saw it in you,” Swiegelaar continued.

He emphasized that love was offered to him while he was a “monster” and a “ugly guy.”

Swiegelaar conducted his final interview as an SASC member on the CapeTalk radio station in mid-May. Following the interview, a station employee, whose identity he would not give, approached him and displayed God’s love in an unexpected way.

“I told her, ‘I don’t believe in Jesus and I don’t think Jesus Christ exists,'” I explained. “She came to me after the interview, after I said that, and she hugged me and held me in a manner I’d never been loved before,” Swiegelaar explained.

“She only did that. She just stated that it was a pleasure to meet me in person. A week later, I discovered this woman is a Christian through her WhatsApp status. “I’ve never had a Christian do that before,” he said. “I’ve never seen a Christian offer so much unconditional love and acceptance… when I stated what I said, she did that.” “That stuck with me.”

Swiegelaar was executing a satanic ritual by himself a week later, which he claimed was aimed at increasing his power and influence as a Satanist.

“I performed this ceremony, opened myself up, and Jesus arrived, and I was quite smug, saying, ‘If you are Jesus, you must prove it.'” And He overwhelmed me with the most wonderful love and energy, which I immediately knew since that woman at the radio station had shown it to me. That is how I realized Christ’s love.”

Swiegelaar stated that he did not believe he was worthy of God’s love since he was gay. He has been having “genuine discussions with God” over the past month, and “the Kingdom of God is not a gated society; it is open to everyone.”

He closed the video by promising his supporters that he will be publishing stuff he has lately written on his relationship with Christ.

Swiegelaar’s departure was confirmed by the Satanic Church of South Africa, which praised him for his contributions.

“The SASC Council wishes to honor Swiegalaar for his contributions as pastor and co-founder of the SA Satanic Church.” We wish him the best of luck in all of his future pursuits.”

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