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Satan’s Schemes – George Whitefield Sermons 2021

Source: George Whitefield

Satan’s Schemes – George Whitefield Sermons 2021 , This sermon is available as Free PDF , Audio , MP3 Download and more , get healing and breakthrough today.


Men and brethren, this 2021, determine to obey Him absolutely.

God is the beginning and the ending. Until you arrive at the point of obedience, you will remain in pains of life.

Obedience is an expression of the fear of God. It is not saying that you are weak or stupid or foolish. It is just an indication that you fear God.

Never allow yourself to do what God is supposed to do for you. Obedience is defined as walking and living in the fear of God.

Obedience keeps you in faith of God and disobedience binds you in fear of the unknown. I declare, God will fight your battles

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