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Sermons On Evil Spirits and Anti-Christ – Apostle Joshua Selman

Source: Anti-Christ

Sermons On Evil Spirits and Anti-Christ – Apostle Joshua Selman

“God makes His people’s trouble work for their advancement – I mean, the affliction of the saints promotes their fruitfulness.


Joseph’s journey was from his father’s house to the throne in Egypt – each trouble he encountered advanced his cause. If he were not thrown into the barren pit, the slave dealers would not have met him.

If Potiphar’s wife had not misbehaved to him, he wouldn’t have gone into prison. If he had not gone to prison, he would not have met Pharaoh’s servants that finally served as the bridges between the prison and the throne.

“Say to God: ‘LORD, let my trouble advance my cause, in Jesus’ name!’ Your trouble could be sickness, setback, poverty or failure. ‘LORD, let my affliction promote my fruitfulness!’ “

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