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The Devil’s Deadliest Deception – Doug Batchelor Sermons 2021

Source: Doug Batchelor

The Devil’s Deadliest Deception – Doug Batchelor Sermons 2021 , This is one of the most life changing sermons of 2021 , Get it as Free Audio , PDF , Sermon Notes and MP3 Download now.


Men and brethren, it is our responsibility to determine our purpose in this life, but we are not alone. We have the awesomely awesome God who is Our refuge in times of need.

The Holy Spirit is with us and leads us to situations where we discover what God has put on the inside of us. A clear indication of purpose is your internal desires; it is work you enjoy and tasks that you never get tired of doing.

I pray for anyone here who is wondering “what is my purpose in life” that you will discover your purpose this 2021 and heaven will empower you to fulfil it.

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